Zombie Emperor Chapter 22

Chapter 22

「Then, when Aki-chan and Sakura-chan finished collecting clothes, could you wait in my room?」

I, Otsuchi-san parent and child and Detective-san would visit the grave and Aki-chan and Sakura-chan would go on a separate way and collect clothes.
Rikako-san doesn’t want to separate with Detective Inoue so it can’t be helped that he’s going with us.

Since Aki-chan is on walking distance, she’ll move by foot.
Of course, she’s guarded by police zombies.

「Understood, if there’s something useful in Sakura’s house then we’ll take it too」

Oh, that’s reliable.
Or rather, Aki-chan is quite tainted [1. I don’t know what this means]
At first she had a sense of resistance from taking food from the convenience store.

「Then, please get in the car, Otsuchi-san, we’ll go immediately」

I and Otsuchi-san took on the car and went to the shopping district.
I want to end this soon and look for Saya…

「Here? Is that so?」

Otsuchi-san confirmed it one by one and asked.

「Yes, this stone is a substitute for the tomb」

The former vacant lot is now a graveyard with people sleeping on it.
The unique individual I killed, the old woman zombie I had killed, the remains of those that were slaughtered by the unique individual.
Among them is…

「Could I be alone for a moment?」

Her voice trembled…

「Understood, what about Rikako-san?」
「…I’m, fine. It might be painful but I have Inoue-san」

Detective Inoue seems to not want to part with Rikako-san too.

「Father, sweet dreams」

Rikako-san quietly spoke and faced the shopping district with Detective Inoue.
Otsuchi-san was…


Let’s leave her alone for now.

「No, it’s natural」

Otsuchi-san who settled down forcibly laughed.
…If it’s the common times, I’m sure that her smile would bewitch men.
But the grief that can’t be hidden ooze out of her smiling face.

「What would Otsuchi-san do after this? I intend to go to B prefecture but」
「B prefecture? Is there something there?」

Did she think that there’s some kind of shelter there? It’s probably wrong but.

「Rather than something there, I’m looking for someone. …I think that my little sister is definitely waiting for me」
「Is that so?…What should we do then?」

Otsuchi-san seems to have no plan right now.

「I have a request then」
「Yes, while I’m not here, could you watch out if there’s some of those strange guys coming in the shopping district again?」

There might be a chance that those guys might come again.
I left some police zombies for the time being but I’d be uneasy if I only have Zombies as guard.

「Well, the police is also helping, It’s fine but…」
「Is that true!? Thank you very much」

I’m glad, the other fellow would stay if it’s like this.
Tragedies would be hard to happen.

「Yeah, but if there’s a unique individual with a monstrous shape comes, please hide in the house, it’s probably something that can’t be beaten by a normal person」
「I’ll give priority to my life even if you don’t say that, if it gets dangerous then I’ll take my daughter on the backdoor of the shop immediately」

Well, I don’t think a snappish unique individual would appear that often.
I’d be annoyed if unique individual appears like bargain sale but…

「By the way, do you remember when you were attacked by a zombie?」
「Yes, I do remember, If I’m not mistaken…」

On Otsuchi-san’s case, her daughter came back on a strange state and she bit her just like that.

「It’s been since kindergarten since I was last bitten suddenly by Rikako」

A huge amount of zombies appeared at Rikako-san’s school and she was caught and bitten by a zombie when she’s trying to run away from the school.

「…They showed up suddenly that there’s no one left unbitten in my junior high school anymore」

It seems that there’s no refuge in the junior high school.
By the way, the junior high school Sakura-chan and Rikako-san attending is the same.

「…Is Sakura-senpai right now the same as Inoue-san?」
「Yeah, but her reason sometimes appear to recover…」
「I see…but I won’t abandon hope. Since Inoue-san protected my that time, it’s my turn now」

Rikako-san embraced Inoue-san.
He seems to be happy but I guess it’s my imagination.
…Is this detective a lolicon?
No, even though Sakura-chan is Rikako-san’s senior, there are a various things that are sticking out…

I decided to leave Otsuchi-san and the police zombie to guard the shopping district and decided to go home.
Sakura-chan has changed her school clothes to her plain clothes and Aki-chan was delighted from my return.

「…With that, I decided to make Otsuchi-san watch the shopping district」
「I see, then we can entrust the shopping district to them! Should we go then?」
「Yeah, let’s go」

We headed to the B prefecture while leaving Otsuchi-san at the shopping district.