Zombie Master Chapter 25

Zombie Master Chapter 25

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Once again, Takumi looked at the three elementary school students zombie. The three girls body isn’t covered by even a string. They wear cat ear hair bands and cat tail that is plugged to their bottom. Both hands and feet are also covered by cat glove and feet to complete the cat cosplay set.

It should be noted that these elementary school students age is at least 12 years old. When thinking of having intimate play with girls with single digit age, somehow guilt becomes a problem and Takumi lost his motivation.

(Tl note: at least his not a super pedophile right?)

Fumika, come over here.”

Takumi ordered Fumika to come. She looks like a Japanese doll and is going to be the first one to be devoured.

Her genitals are already wet, overflowing with love juice. In the dimly lit room with the closed curtain, it is shine and slippery, mysteriously inviting Takumi to come. The red eyes glowing on her small face, as if telling Takumi to do his deed.

Takumi approached Fumika and lift one of her leg. While looking at her face, he entered her directly. It was amazing at how small she is but able to accepted all of Takumi’s. The inside of Fumika is wet and causing indecent sound as Takumi’s going in and out.

It was tight and wet, such a deadly combination and Takumi enjoyed the sensation by slowly going in and out. Fumika is expressionless but everytime when Takumi hit her deepest part, her mouth opened as if she is moaning.

Droll sloppily flowed out of her mouth until it reached her lower abdomen. Takumi don’t want it to disturb him so he turned her body without even taking it out. His hand take a firm grab on her waist and start to pound hard.

The small hole that is spread to the limit by the thing that is coming in and out, let out a sweet love juice until it form a puddle.


Fumika raised a high-pitched sound as if she is moaning. Although there is no tone to the voice but this time it was different from the usual low growl. Hearing that, Takumi is geeting excited.

Fumika, you’re so lovely.”

Takumi didn’t know whether she could understand but as he said that, the high pitched voice interval got shorter.


At the same time, her lower parts is tightening and squeezing Takumi’s. Takumi couldn’t hold it back and release all of it inside Fumika.

Ugh… Fumika..”

Takumi waited for a while before slowly taking his lower part out of her. From where he left, a small gap can be seen with white liquid coming out. Fumika couldn’t stand on her legs and immediately fall on top of the bed while one of her hand is playing with herself.

Finished with her, Takumi eyes fall into Yayoi. She is the tallest among the three. Accompanied with her short hair, she could me mistaken as a boy as her chest area is under development and haven’t show its charm. Having lost her vivacity and richness expression of living beings, she is now licking Takumi member obediently.

The cold saliva enveloped Takumi’s and the tongue licking it skillfully. Takumi eyes is fixated on her tongue dancing on top of him.

That was excellent, but let’s try something different today.”

Takumi ordered Yayoi to be on all four. Her head is laid down on the bed and causing her bottom to be outstretched upwards. In this pose, Takumi can clearly see her bottom half.

After the zombie apocalypse, Takumi has seen a large number of naked women. He also can start to discern the difference in their age and body. In this case, Yayoi body is still under development, the flat bottom and chest is modest and not developed. The lines on her body isn’t perfect but there is a distinct slim waist there.

Takumi attention is now fall on her bottom. Where the cat tails are plugged in, it was in a place where it is used to excrete.

Even though you are a zombie, don’t you fell anything?”

He pulled the cat tail out and tried to push it in again.

I’ll turn it on okay.”

as he said that, Takumi pressed the on power button on the cat tail. Immediatelly, the tail is swaying back and forth before Takumi turn it off and pulled it out in the process.

Sorry, that was my bad.”

Takumi while laughing put away the cat tail. Then he takes a lotion and spread it at her untouched woman part. Compared to Fumika, it was dry so he need a lotion that he loot from adult shop.

Takumi spread the lotion on her privates part and spread it open.

Will it be able to accept me?”

after that, Takumi prepared to enter her from behind. He can feel the thin membaren of hymen inside her, making her hole even tighter and narrow.

It’s tight!”

as he said that, Takumi pushed his waist strongly and there is a sound of something being ripped. Not long after, the lotion comes out from where they connected with a drop of red blood.

Yayoi remain expressionless so Takumi isn’t hesitating to start pounding her. It was tight and narrow to the point it was painful but the lotion works wonder. This is her first time but she could accept all of Takumi without problem.

Tight! It’s too tight!”

Takumi cried out several time as he is moving vigorously. Every once and then, Takumi keep adding lotion to make it smooth. Once Takumi feel cold liquid flowed out from her insides, he didn’t need to apply lotion again.

It’s seemed like you’re getting used to this Yayoi.”

He touched her chest that is only slightly bulged where the center is already hard and pointing to the sky. It was pink pale and every time Takumi pinched on that part, her lower body is tightening and moving. Every time, it makes Takumi feel numb from the sweet squeezing pleasure.

Even though he just released his load not long ago, he feel that it is coming. Takumi couldn’t hold it back anymore.

Yayoi, this is the taste of a man. Accept your first experience.”

vigorously, Takumi release his load that is more than before. With a shudder, Takumi takes it out and a white liquid followed to drip down from Yayoi sensitive place.

Finally, the turn comes to Rika. She was short but beautiful like a western doll. Twin tails and ribbon are emitting young and cute fragrance. When she was alive, she looked like inexperienced but Takumi is being surprised with her proactively outstanding technique.

Now, Takumi only laid down on the bed. She didn’t need to be ordered before she rubbed her abdomen on his.

At first, her movement was rigid and awkward but after a few times, her movement was adept. From her lower half, love juice are flowing out visibly. It doesn’t take much effor to make her prepared and it will enhance the pleasure.

Now, I’ll let you do the work.”

Takumi put his hands on Rika waist and with gleaming eyes, her gaze never strayed from Takumi. She raised her hip trying to put it in.

Keep trying, I know you can inserted it on your own.”

If any ordinary elementary school heard that, they may not understand but Rika knows well what she has to do.

Takumi towering member is now located at her entrance as she lowered herself.


Takumi said that because it was painful. It was wet but it is tight nonetheless.

There is a speck of red blood but as she moved her body, it couldn’t be seen anymore. After finally tasting the three girls body, Takumi is entranced with their tightness.


From all of them, Rika is the tightest. Even thought it was slippery, it was too tight, moving, squeezing, as if another living beings is located there. She doesn’t even moving. Slowly, she started to move and Takumi lower half is in other world. Her movement is very lustful and visually enticing. Even though her stature is small and her chest is only slightly bulged, even with that small body, Takumi was drawn in.

His hand reached for her chest while she moved up and down like a piston. As she move faster, her lower member tighten. As if she was dancing, she seemed to enjoy all of it. Her red eyes shine mysteriously and low growl sound can be heard. Takumi responded to that growl as he also moved alongside her.


Rika expressionlessly narrowed her eyes and as if there is a mouth on her lower parts, there is a suction feeling. She couldn’t hold her body upwards and fall on top of Takumi. She used this position to lick and kiss his neck.

Accompanied with the cold kiss, suction on his lower half, there is no way for him to hold it back. Only increasing pleasure that is uncontrolable. In the next moment, he released another load inside of her.

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