Zombie Master chapter 27

Chapter 27: Bathing

Edited: ganjz

After entering the bathtub filled with hot water, Takumi let out a deep breath. Since the zombie apocalypse occurred, he was always filled with anxiety and didn’t really care about what happened to his body, however for the first time entering the comfortable bath, he had forgotten about all of his problem.

After some time, some of the zombie girl entered the bath along with him but the water didn’t turn dirty. At first, the image of a zombie entering the hot water bath is a dirty sight with dirt and turn the water dark. However when the zombie entered the water and it was still clear without a speck of dirt visible floating on the water. The zombies were clean just like humans. This makes Takumi think, even when before they entered the bath, the zombies didn’t let out any rotten smell. It was different from Anba and Yu which are still alive and sweating although it was rude but it was true.

“I also need to take care of my own body odor.”
after muttering that, Takumi begin to wash his body with soap. He couldn’t even smell his own smell but he don’t want to make Anba and Yu pointed it out for him. That’s why he has been carefully washing his body every day.

at that time, the sound of the door of the bath opening can be heard. When Takumi looked to the left, Azuri was there standing naked.


There stood a petite girl with a small body like a western doll. Small face, and long black hair flowing down. Although she was expressionless but she was still looked so beautiful yet fragile. Her chest was still developing and only bulged slightly like an elementary school students. The pink buds wasn’t clearly visible because of the steam.

Her lower body, some thin layer of hair can be seen growing hiding a small crack like a secret garden. Although at this point Takumi can be said has been tired seeing countless naked girl but his heart still skipped a beat when he look at her.

When they were young, they used to take baths together and still despite now she was a zombie, it won’t be a problem however Takumi has a hard time looking at her.


Azuri as usual didn’t talk much and move towards Takumi back and made him stunned. The apartment bath was indeed large enough for two people to enter together however when two people are inside, it was still only leaving small space between them. Azuri at this point doing things on her own accord, the first time since she turned into a zombie. She was still looking at Takumi expressionless and then Azuri’s hand started to move up and down washing Takumi back.
Azuri hand slowly reach up for some soap and make it bubbles and then started to wash Takumi’s back. At this point Takumi realized what she was doing. The last time they had bath together was before Takumi enter university. At that time Azuri was still around third grade in elementary school. Anba at that time was already in the fifth grade so she doesn’t enter the bath together with him anymore. At this time, Takumi felt some nostalgia. Although he wanted to ask Azuri to go out of the bath but he can feel Azuri affection from her movements.

“Do you want to use this?”

Takumi hand out a net sponge towards Azuri but she didn’t show any sign to take it. Azuri just silently and slowly stroked gently Takumi’s back using her hands. Even though her hands were cold and there was some soap mixed in it, combined with the hot and steamy water it made Takumi felt comfortable. Takumi for a while thinking that it was only a dream, however when he looked at his sister again he felt embarrassed. After a while he became calm again.

(I don’t know what Azuri is thinking but what is her true intention of doing this?) – Takumi

“Azuri… Why are you doing this?”
Takumi asked her with a trembling voice and was hoping for an answer but she stayed silent.

Not long after, Takumi thoughts were betrayed. Azuri moved her hands from his back and start to reach out for his chest. At this point clearly her hand movements were not like someone that is wanting to wash him.

Takumi was trying to stand up in a hurry but his movement stopped when Azuri hugged him tightly from behind. No matter how hard he struggled, she won’t let go. Afterall Azuri is now a zombie even though her appearance is not convincing but she has some strength.

When Takumi gave up and sit back again, Azuri moved her body up and down and pressing her chest slowly on Takumi’s back. Even if it was under developed, he can still feel the slight bulge and it was enough to cause his heart to thump. Even though just before taking a bath Takumi had let out many times to the girls but he regained his vigor and it was already standing up. Then as if it were natural, Azuri squeeze it gently with her hands that were full of soap and bubbles.


Takumi body trembles with only a touch. The thoughts of being touched by your sister is different and he had a bubbling feelings coming up from the bottom of his heart.

Azuri was holding it gently and she stroked it many times from the root to the tip. The soap and the bubbles became the lubricant and it stimulates Takumi’s sensitive parts many times in short interval. It wasn’t just her fingers that roamed on Takumi’s but all of her hands were roaming around swiftly.

“Azuri… you…”

Although she won’t answer to his words since she was a zombie, he still need to say that. Since that delicate touch that she delivered wasn’t like any other zombies. Before long her hands were running wild and stimulate Takumi’s further.

It was a weird tension where there was a sense of crisis, embarrassment and a weird feeling that came from his man’s part. Azuri movement was gentle and subtle yet it gave enough pressure for Takumi. Not to mention the soap that added the smooth feelings, it was giving far too much stimulus for Takumi. Everytime her hands moved back and forth, there was a wet sound produced from the soap, water and skin friction.

Due to the pleasure, Takumi rested his body back towards Azuri and now he can see her face besides him. Although her stature was small, she was able to support Takumi’s body weight.

The rhythmic movement produced a sound that gradually turns faster. Azuri right hand was moving continuously while her left was roaming wild. Everytime her hand moved, Takumi felt a sensation running on his body. The force was not too strong and not too weak, it was perfect and keep on sending pleasures surging for him.

When Takumi tilted his face, he can see Azuri was looking at him with her red glowing eyes. It may only be an illusion but there were movements in her eyes. It was only for a second before it disappeared and her face was still expressionless.

“I can’t hold it back anymore.”

As that eyes looking at him, he felt that he was at the limit. However Azuri’s hand stopped at that critical moment. She even move her body so she isn’t supporting Takumi’s body anymore. Takumi who was now using his arm to support his body was confused but the next scene was mind blowing.

Azuri put it inside her mouth. The next moment, her small tongue began to quickly lick all over it and the cold sensation of her mouth, and wetness was unimaginable. Takumi won’t last long.

“Azuri, I’m coming.”

It took less than ten movements of her head that Takumi let it all out inside her mouth. He really let it out inside his sister’s mouth. She stopped her movement and waiting for all of the load to be discharged before moving again in a slowly sucking movement. Each time she moved, as if squeezing the remaining liquid that was still inside of Takumi.

Each time she moved, as if she needed more and while doing so she also swallowed the liquid that is inside her mouth. Finally she let it out with a wet and popping sound from her mouth.

Azuri once again called his name in a soft whisper while looking directly into his eyes. That innocent face of her sister somehow still showing her naivety despite what she has just done. Takumi also could only look at her without reacting anymore. After awhile, he can only place his right hand on her head and pat her wholeheartedly.


however he still can’t decide on what to say so he just simply call her name. He wanted to say lots of things but nothing came into his mind and the situation wasn’t suitable. Now, he could only quickly wash his own body and his sister’s and quickly leave the bath. Next, he was getting dressed and also put on Azuri clothes. She was now wearing a pink pajamas and she doesn’t look like a zombie at all. Since at the moment all the zombie have tattered clothes and look very dirty thus Azuri look very human like except her red glowing eyes.

Takumi look left and right as if he was doing something wrong and afraid of getting found out after realizing that nobody was here, he laughed it off at his own stupid conduct.

“Do as I say.”
Takumi then sat on the sofa while Azuri sat beside him.

He does what he usually did, which was spoiling Azuri. He put his hand around Azuri and started to stroke her head gently.

However at that time Takumi couldn’t see what happened. Azuri expression changed as she put her head on Takumi shoulder. At that time, Takumi also thinking how he should act around Anba and Yu.

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