Zombie master chapter 28

Chapter 28: slow destruction


Takumi was thinking about the future on how he will live from now on. He has been looking for emergency food everyday however there’s not enough vegetables or plants and crops seeds.

The zombie apocalypse was not like a major threat to humanity like how it was shown on movies or games since there might be some country that have prepared against this kind of apocalypse. It may even be possible to kill all of the zombie if the world’s big power joined together and move their army. However Takumi have no idea on how hard actually it is to move the army and how long it will arrive in Japan.

The most worrisome thing was food that couldn’t be imported anywhere and fuel which was always imported from outside of Japan. If things stay this way, Japan will slowly be heading into destruction. The water and electricity may be running now but there’s no telling for how long. Sooner or later, people will be forced to move from their shelter for survival not because of the zombie attacks but because of endeavor to ensure food. Takumi also can’t let Anba and Yu starving. The longest time he can support both of them, at the longest is five years that was if they relied only on canned food. If things occurred for more than a decade, even canned food will be expired and face the danger of corrosion. Even if they kept on moving and find some food in the end it will run out since no new food source was found and produced.

Although there was a possibility that animals can be consumed but no report yet if they are safe since there could be zombie animal. Even if they successfully catch animals and fish, there is no guarantee that Anba and Yu won’t turn to a zombie because the animals may become a virus carrier. Years from now, Takumi already think that far ahead and full of anxiety. The more he thinks about it, the more confused and worried he became. It was already good since he doesn’t have to think about defending from zombies too which was on every humans’ mind at the moment.

Takumi finished checking his inventory, emergency food, and turned off the lights as he get out from the zombie harem room. In fact, his situation was way better than any other human out there. Without having to be fear of zombie attack, bath, toilet, air conditioning, water, and food, all were fulfilled and he can even have some entertainment in the movie room.

For Japanese who had lived in clean environment as a developed country, even in a shelter just because of the toilets was below standard, it can accumulate a great deal of stress. Although they can make temporary toilet just in case emergency earthquake occurred but this time the situation was too large to be handled and this disaster occurred everywhere, leaving no time even to build a simple toilet. The most important things were they have to fight everyday and their movements were restricted because of the zombies that were scattered everywhere. Those who fell ill because of toilet stress and desperation will not be a few.
(TL note: really this toilet stress was funny lol)

in addition, because the fear of being attacked by a zombie, they can’t even go to the toilet in a relaxed mood and it caused more stress. The best thing to do was to ask someone to watch out when you are going to the toilet but it wasn’t really comfortable at all.

In such situation, emergency shelters such as the JSDF and riot police HQ getting less food and water distributed to survivors. If it kept on continuing, in one month their supplies will be gone. Of course the government has to grasp the situation but they don’t want to let the public know about it and keep on broadcasting about it.

“OO shelter is still there, and survivor are welcomed.”

however since the net is still up, some info can be get from the SNS or blog about the shelter’s condition and soon enough people could see that the shelters aren’t really guaranteeing anything and despair filled the places sooner or later. The side effects of the zombie apocalypse could be seen. The situation has been deteriorated. People were full of despair, all around the net, they also kept on looking for a speck of light that could bring hope to the world. But when the net goes down, finally their hope will slowly fade. Humanity slowly is heading to its destruction.

For normal people, there was no peace in their mind but Takumi under such circumstances was now sunbathing in the room. Lately there was no helicopter moving or flying around the town. He was sunbathing by moving the sofa into the location where the sun light falls. He did that to maintain a healthy exposure to the sun light. For example, vitamin D that can be acquired from the morning sun. in fact after doing that for some time, Takumi felt that his body condition is getting better.

He can also feel his stomach is filled. He at that moment taking meal once a day and lately the amount has been getting lesser and at this point he think that he will be okay without a meal and it was only compulsory. It wasn’t only him that sunbathing, all of the zombie girl are all there on his left and right, naked.

Directly on his right side was a high school student with a ponytail hair. She was recently found around the vicinity and not brought from Anba school. Her chest was already well shaped and growing. Takumi is now playing with it as he feel the exquisite elasticity feeling that was transmitted by his hand. It was soft and big like an adult woman’s but it has a trace of immature hardness. The fresh skin of a teenager is superb and it also can no longer sweat after they become zombie. Takumi was playing with the pink pearl on her body and massaged her chest. However when he was doing that, something came up and stopped him. On his left, a girl with a short hair around junior high school students’ age with a bangs that can be seen. Her facial features were clean and cute. Petite but all of her limbs are firm. She was probably an athlete as there was only a slight bulge on her chest. He slowly stroked her cheek and shoulder but her calm face remain expressionless.

Sitting in front of Takumi, it was another girl, Azuri. With the other two girls, she was servicing Takumi using her mouth and tongue. Her white skin, petite doll-like face and bluish lips contrasted with her long red tongue as it run over Takumi’s body. Her tongue was moving wildly as if it was a living being. She was licking it greedily before finally putting it up inside her mouth while making a wet sound. After countless times going in and out, Takumi’s are now sticky and wet from Azuri’s saliva. He also had let it out countless times inside her mouth but he didn’t show any sign of losing its hardness. Takumi suddenly looked into Azuri eyes, as their eyes met each other and, as usual, he can’t guess what she was thinking from her expressionless face.

Takumi heard her voice but compared to before there seemed to be a little halt on her diction. Her voice also getting clearer compared to before that is almost like a mosquito buzzing. More than anything, her eyes were showing a glint for a moment. He may think that it was his imagination again but there was a possibility that something was happening.

“Azuri, that’s enough.”

Because he don’t know on what to do, he just commanded Azuri to remained away from him and falls back a few step.

Takumi mind was now disturbed. He wanted to think but he don’t know anymore so he look at the girl with the short hair cut and pierced her deep in her wet hole. In particular it was to distract his mind. She accepted all of him but there was not a single trace of her virginity that he took only a few days ago. Looking at her, she was completely like a lewd girl by now and more importantly her lower parts were cleanly shaved. It was like a child’s since it was smooth without any hair at all.

“Tighten it.”

on his words, she start to tightens, not only that, she wrapped him completely and as if it was alive, something was squeezing Takumi’s. After that, Takumi lifted the girl and carried her while he moved her up and down. The love juice completely overflowed each time he thrust and yet it only gets tighter and tighter.

“Now, it’s time for you to move your hip.”
as Takumi ordered that, the girl put her feet on the sofa and turned her body in a clockwise direction so she was now half standing on top of the sofa with her back facing Takumi and she began to move. Each time she moved, Takumi felt a very pleasant feelings. Before long, the pleasure driving Takumi to the edge. At this point Takumi moved along with the girl vigorously. The sound of their body colliding with each other. The sound of love juice that was coming up every time he pulls it out and pushed it back in was resounded. The girl was tightening with every thrust. Until Takumi couldn’t take it anymore. As his limit came, he let it out inside of her many times until it was even coming out overflowed. After he took it out of her, she politely lick him to clean it up.

After it was clean, Takumi pulled the ponytail girl and do her from behind while standing. It also easily entered her without any resistance. Once it was in, she slowly secretes large amount of love juice and it wrapped Takumi’s. Since he was doing her from behind, he didn’t forget to grab her chest and rubbed it wildly while moving his hip. There were undulate feelings every time he moved in and out as it enveloped him entirely.

“This feeling… I am already on my limit again.”

While moving violently, his hands were also massaging her. The feeling of the soft and lump pudding, it isn’t losing to the heavenly feelings that is caused by her lower body.

*Zuppu Zuppu Zuppu*

the wet sound of two pieces of meat came together was so obscene and further enhanced Takumi’s pleasure. No matter how many times he experienced it, he still took pleasure and felt excited. The softness, tightness, wetness, he could never get enough of it. In a few minutes he will let himself loose inside of her again. The overflowing love juice made it smooth to get in and out despite the tightness.

“Okay, here we go…”

Takumi eyes were ful of pleasure and his breath was now getting harder as the final moment was approaching. Finally, he planted it deep inside of her and let it all out. He was exhausted and immediately pull it out as he sat down on the sofa again. Watching the substance that slowly drip out of the ponytail girl and look at Azuri afterwards.


Takumi called out to her as she obediently walked quietly on all fours and clean up the mess carefully with her tongue.