Zombie master chapter 30

Zombie master chapter 30: change part 2

When she was still alive, Yoshinari’s carefee smile was charming. Now, her face became expressionless along with her zombie red shining eyes. Even if she can’t speak now, she was still attractive. Her clean good look was giving the aura of serene beauty that shined and matched with her expressionless face.

When Takumi ordered her to take off her sailor uniform, what appears was a white and unadorned bra that covers a treasure. Takumi only shifted it on top without bother to remove it and soon the rounded bulge were exposed.

It was a firm and beautiful body that appeared in commercial. When it first come out, her orange bikini from the commercial makes countless men dreaming about what was hidden underneath them.

Takumi extended his right hand and grabbed her by the waist. He can clearly feel her body from her thin waist and he drew her closer directly in front of him, face to face.

Takumi then devoured Yoshinari’s lips. Since the body temperature was low, he can feel the cold from it but the lips weren’t dry. It was damp and soft which was enough to blurred Takumi’s reasoning when their lips met on contact.

They entwined deeper as he held Yoshinari’s head tightly and use his tongue to explored inside her mouth. Despite all of that, Yoshinari didn’t show any changes in her expression.

“Stick out your tongue.”
That was the first thing that Takumi said after their lips parted. In response to Takumi’s words, Yoshinari stuck out her tongue. Despite the fact that her blood has stopped circulating, the tongue was still colored red mysteriously. Her tongue was longer than average and sticking out accompanied with some saliva. Takumi can’t hold it back any longer and suck on the tongue.

Their tongue met as it entwined together and producing a wet sound. Takumi thoroughly enjoyed this. At first as their tongue dances together, Yoshinari didn’t show any reaction. Of course, it was normal as she is a zombie.

However, something happened and make Takumi surprised. Yoshinari responded and their exchange became more passionate and it turned into a deep kiss as he held her head tighter. In addition, as they kissed Takumi brings his hand towards the bulge in her chest which fits perfectly in his palm. It was big and soft but still has the firmness of the young age which was one of Takumi favorites preferences.

In particular, Yoshinari’s skin was better than what most people could imagine. It was soft and smooth when being touched. With his outstretched hand, he slowly rubbed the bulge. It was something that can only be seen in commercials and drive people crazy.

The saliva continued to make an obscene sound as their tongue entwined. While still rubbing the bulge on Yoshinari’s chest, he pushed her across the room to the bed. His left hand was holding Yoshinari arm while his right hand was caressing alternately between her right and left chest. His face was breathing heavily, inhaling her aroma while licking her thin white neck. He can smell a sweet girly scent.

With a pinch on the small area in the middle of her chest, she leaked out a small faint sound as if she stopped breathing. Her beautiful doll-like face was pleasing to the eyes as her big red eyes shined, but no one can see what is she thinking.

Takumi didn’t saw that as he moved his hand towards her lower body along with his line of sight, slowly moving to her white thighs. Although her body is still underdeveloped if we compared it to an adult’s dynamite body, it has a unique teen charms elasticity that didn’t lose out.

Takumi couldn’t suppress his urge anymore and is driven by desire to devour Yoshinari. He removes her underwear with both hands easily. There is a hint of a few hair growing and on her 14 years old age, it was closed to a state where it was shaved. Her lower body already protrude like an adult woman but at the same time it also still looks like a grade schooler. To put it simply, it was in the middle of a transformation.

“I never thought it can be this cute.”
Looking at her bare body, the girl that was idolized by many, and her close to shaved mound, give Takumi a good feeling as he spread it with his arm and found out something unexpected.

“you… you’re still a virgin!”
The entertainment world was known to everyone. For big name entertainers, to pave your way doing some pillow service was normal and without prejudice, even a teenager will be asked to do it. Takumi felt a sense of satisfaction because he will be taking Yoshinari, an idol’s first time.

Her chastity proof was shaped like a starfish with a small hole in the middle. From the hole that was doubting to be entered by one finger, a transparent sticky liquid dripping slowly. As Takumi touched it gently with a finger and pull it away as a clear thread formed like a natto. From his repeated movement of touching and pulling away, there was also a faint sound of water.

Takumi instinctively swallowed his saliva as he looked at Yoshinari’s lower mouth that is shined from the love juice. It is also twitching and trembling as if luring Takumi. Unable to hold back from the provocation, Takumi takes out his member and put it inside Yoshinari’s mouth. Her wet mouth accepted it without any resistance as a dull pleasure can be felt from Takumi’s waist. Takumi doesn’t even have to worry that Yoshinari’s mouth will be hurt.

At that moment, Takumi was looking at her from the top and the gesture she was making is exactly the same as her soft drink commercial. It can be said her signature pose which raised her to stardom. Of course, if it was her normal expression, he will give her a flattery but as an expressionless zombie, it only stirred up Takumi’s animal instinct.

“Yoshinari, slowly tighten your lips and lick mine carefully using your tongue.”
Hearing the commands, Yoshinari followed it obediently. Her cheek pursed tightly as it was sucking on him. Her tongue didn’t stop licking him at that instance.

“Yes, lick and suck.”
There is a sound of licking and sucking as her cheeks deepened. When Takumi try to pull it out by moving his waist backward, the more suction force can be felt. Her tongue was also moving wildly unwilling to let it go. Without mercy, Takumi grabbed her head and move his waist faster. Due to that, there was a small white foamy saliva formed on Yoshinari’s lower lip. It was fortunate that she was a zombie because a normal person won’t be able to breathe and it will be painful. The continued service from Yoshinari almost brought Takumi to an end.

“…Huff…Huff… let’s stop it now since it was a waste to let it out in the mouth.”
Takumi asked Yoshinari to stop and spread her feet to the left and right and pushed her down. It was trembling and twitching, the small hole with chastity proof, however, it didn’t stop secreting love juice. He didn’t even need to tease her by moving up and down and aimed straight at the narrow hole. He pushed his hip little by little.

The chastity layer became soft and completely covered in love juice, prepared to accept Takumi large thing. With a tearing sound, Takumi entered her slowly and smoothly. It has her first time and it was very tight, it also tightens at an irregular interval which made Takumi leaked some of his own white liquid. Slowly, he started to move.

“It’s really tight…”
Takumi has enjoyed many virgins but there is no one that is as tight as Yoshinari. The pain he feels even exceed when he devoured the elementary school students. The pleasure was worth the pain. Her lower mouth as if it was alive, wrapped him gently and as if it was continuously sucking him in, it twitched. It was different from the other zombie because this one was as if it is enjoying the pleasure. Of course, her expression is still flat.

After she loosened up, he moved to the doggy style position. It was as if their parts have merged and it was wrapping Takumi perfectly.

Yoshinari is letting out a soft moan as she opened her mouth. However, her face still showing no expression so Takumi didn’t know the meaning of the moan. Her tongue also sticks out from her mouth. Takumi used his left index finger and middle finger and put it inside her mouth and on reflex, she licks on it as if it was a candy. Takumi’s right hand was grabbing her chest from behind as he hugged her while doing doggy style. His body was pressed hard on her and his right hand was grabbing on her chest strongly. He can feel something hard on his palm and it makes him move his hips faster.

Each time he goes in and out, a white foamy liquid is dripping from Yoshinari’s small hole and dripping into the bad.
The sound of sticky love juice and flesh hitting on each other resounded in the room.

Takumi pulled out his left hand from her mouth and grabbed her waist using both hands. After that, he moved faster and a strong stimulation surges in as pleasures come forth. Considering she was a virgin at first, it may be cruel but at this moment she is a zombie that didn’t show any reaction. Her well-featured face is still silent. Only a faint moan could be heard from her open mouth, and her tongue sticking out while dripping some saliva giving a unique charm.

“Uuh… Yoshinari… I’m coming!”

When Yoshinari heard Takumi’s word, her lower part is tightened strongly, more than Takumi could ever imagine. It was undulating as if it is sucking him strongly.

“…Uh… Amazing…!”

Takumi couldn’t hold it back any longer as he let it all out inside her. Her waist is trembling as a large amount of liquid is released inside of her. Her lower parts tighten as if it doesn’t want to miss even a drop of it. Looking at that scene, Takumi took a big breath and feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

“Let’s stop here for today.”
It was also almost time for Anba to show up and check on him. Before that, he needed to clean up the room and take another bath. He needed to clean up the mess that he just made.


Kuroda Sakura was being escorted by several JSDF personnel and going to be taken to the basement of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute where Nakagawa Sarah is located. The JSDF personnel was very kind and guarded her closely because she was the only survivor that they found from the town.

Sakura was afraid that they will notice that she was different from normal human but he kept that suspicions on her heart. When she met with Nakagawa Sarah at the basement, something blown her mind away.

“Nice to meet you, my name is Nakagawa Sarah. To finally find a survivor from outside, I hope you can give us valuable information. By all means, we hope for your cooperation.”

(She’s the same…!)
Sakura instinctively realized it. It was close to a zombie, not a human anymore. She also realized that it wasn’t defunct intelligence zombies that were wandering on the street. She was the same as her.

Sarah also used the excuse of cooperation to talk more to her. She also felt it from the first glance that Sakura was the same as her. This way, the two people met. However, there’s no telling whether they were able to encounter with Takumi in the future.

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