ZM ch 01

The series is machine translated so there may be some different words used than the original and some sentences may be changed but not to effect the story. It took more than three hour just to decipher this.. So tiring..

(edited by : Rumanshi Ichigo)

01 beginning

The day of the apocalypse came without any warning.
It was a clear day, the rainy season having just passed. Outside, the sun high in the sky to the south showing the time.
Hiiro Takumi is watching the TV inside his room. Twenty-four years old yet he spends his time in the afternoon lazily in his room. His work in the retail industry gives him irregular days off. Because of that, he always sleeps until noon on his days off. He does not have any special plans because of the inconsistent days off, he spends the days relieving fatigue by playing games or watching TV.
However, something unusual happened before noon.
The sirens of emergency vehicles could be heard many times in the past hour. The sound is really loud because it’s purpose is to make sure everyone could hear it. It really ruined Takumi’s day off. He originally planned to sleep until noon but now his plan had been disturbed. He wakes up and looks outside the window. From the fifth floor of a building in front of his apartment, black smoke is rising.
“Hey… Is there a fire?”
Judging from the sirens, it must have occurred only recently. Having lost interest after finding the source of the sirens, he turns the TV on.
The TV announcer doesn’t seem to have news about the fire. Takumi then keeps changing the station.
“Ahh, boring…”
His precious holiday is just like his usual holiday. Doing nothing and spending his time unproductively, he gets lost in his thoughts and realizes that after today passes he will have to return to work again tomorrow. How could he get himself trapped in this devilish cycle? How many years will he have to work like this?
Just when he’s thinking that, a special report is shown on the TV. He listens to the words that come from the news anchor.
“We interrupt your program with emergency news! There have been reports of assailant incidents occurring in Shibuya, Tokyo. We also have a source indicating similar incidents are happening throughout Japan!”
Takumi looks at the screen. The news anchors facial expression is agitated after the assistant director passes a piece of paper to him. Anyone could deduce that something was happening.
“Right now, information just came in – the suspect of the incident is being pursued by the police. The man is around forty years old and according to the witness testimony has blood running from his mouth. When the witness saw him, the man fled from the scene leaving his victim. The victim has been carried by the ambulance and his condition is still critical. The victim is bleeding hard, the cause being a bite near the neck. Our report is currently pursuing the suspect with the police.
The scene then changes to a live report and the sound of gunshots can be heard. A woman’s scream can also be heard in the background. Now the report can be seen talking.
“Gunshots! Right now, three, no, four times, the gun has fired. Is the criminal fiercely resisting? It seems the police officer shot! At the sudden sound of gunfire, a woman’s scream was heard! It is very dangerous! What on earth is….”
The reporter was still reporting the scene with excitement when a shadow appeared in the screen. It is the figure of a police officer, wearing the light blue shirt and hat. The cameraman rushes to zoom the police officer into the center of the screen.
The voice heard was coming from the news anchor or the reporter. It was due to the fact that the figure of the police officer was strange. His right hand had only a thumb and index finger. He stretches it out in front as though he was asking for help. From the place where his other fingers should be, blood is flowing and gushing out. It was possible to even see white bone.
If it was only that, then it would still be acceptable – but there’s another injury. From his neck, blood is flowing leaving red stains on his uniform. On his belly, there is a big wound as if his stomach had been gouged out. The wound is too large and his neck seems to be half-torn off.
“As you can see, the police officer that pursued the subject is injured… Someone, call the ambulance!”
The police officers head then bends backwards into an impossible angle. After that, he started to run towards the reporter.
Bzzzz… The live feed lost its signal and the screen switched back to the studio.
The news anchor can be seen trying to clear his throat several times before talking.
“Well, we’re sorry. We apologize to you because the video signal is having some problems. We will return to you as soon as possible.”
While watching the situation, Takumi felt strange. The police officers injury is serious. It could even cause an instant death. You don’t have to be a doctor to know that. However he was still alive and in that last scene, he was running.
The ANA station screen changed again to the scene earlier. The angle seemed to be taken from the ground as if there was no-one holding it. There are also bloodstains on the lens. A figure of a man covered in blood is project. The woman’s screaming can also be heard even louder. The man walks forward with missing limbs.
Beeeeep…. The screen changed again and shows a cartoon figure of a man bowing down with a bubble containing text on top if his head. “Please stay with us.” – Something had occurred if there’s a problem with the recording.
Takumi thinks hard while looking at the screen. He switches to TV Tokyo from ANA but they were airing the travel program normally. He tried to find another channel and some he switches over to have a ‘Please stay with us’ sign.
Takumi knows something is not right. He gets a backpack and put in some daily necessities. He takes some clothes and looks in his wallet. After confirming there is three ten thousand bills, he head out to the convenience store in a hurry.
Only drunk or mad people would not know something bad is happening. He knows he needs to do something.
“In case of emergency, I need to secure water and food first. That’s my highest priority.”
In case of an earthquake, it’s common in Japan that some households have a stock of supplies in case of an emergency. But, they also have expiration dates and people aren’t sure when the last time they checked it is. For people that watched the TV, they will also think of the same idea to try and secure food and water.
The nearest convenience store is right in front of Takumi’s apartment. He never thought of it before but it’s handy. He never thought of the convenience of a convenience store until today.
It’s still noon on the weekdays, so only a few customers are there. For what is happening now, the clerk seemed to not have noticed.
Takumi takes five bottles of purified waters. He wants to take as much as possible, be he realises the shortage of money. He looks at breads and rice balls and chooses the longest expiration date available. Bento box, snacks, he grabs things quickly until they fill two baskets.
The last thing he does before checking out is that he grabs another five bottles of water. Hw comes out with a backpack full and two heavy shopping bags. He carries them unsteadily to his room. He realises that he forgot to buy batteries and an emergency lamp. He even wanted to buy gas for cooking and a tent. He knows that to get those things he needs to go to a bigger store.
He decided just to get some batteries from the convenience store. Just when he leaves his room, a dull sound is heard and screams are heard all over the place.
He looks down from his apartment hallway and sees a black sedan involved in an accident. Tha man inside shouts.
“It’s because that person jumped out suddenly!”
Takumi heard the driver saying to call the ambulance. It will be fortunate if the victim isn’t heavily injured.
“Should I go to the convenience store?”
Takumi’s eyes are still tied to the body of the victim. He can ignore the incident, but the man stood up from the pool of blood. His hand and leg are bending in a weird way and he is walking awkwardly.
Just when people who started to gather around the scene recover from their shcok from seeing the man stand up, a van driving really fast hit a shop nearby. It ran over some bypasser in the process. From the driver’s seat, a woman covered in blood comes out. The crowd is panicking and some try to call an ambulance. The man from earlier approaches his hitter and a loud scream can be heard.
Takumi forgot about going to the convenience store. Watching the scene in front of him, in just less then three minutes the road had been dyed red. He can see other people coming and walking unsteadily. People screaming help, then more people come and get involved in the strange phenomenon.
“What is this..?”
Takumi stood still.
It doesn’t stop there. The sound of glass being broken, the sounds of things breaking, screams, cursing, crying, laughing, sirens, are coming from everywhere.
Unable to withstand reality, Takumi’s leg loses its strength. Just when he’s about to fall, someone is supporting him.
It’s Yumi Takahashi who lives next door.
She is a college student that started to live there a year ago. He remember she gave a greeting when she first moved in but after that there wasn’t an interaction in that entire year. Her long hair is beautifully coloured a natural black. She looks like a refined young lady. But the things that could never be missed are her large breasts which are on par with a gravure idol. When seeing her, you could not miss that feature of her. Even if she’s dressed in casual clothing, you still couldn’t stop staring at her chest.
Takumi looked at her. Her smooth and white skin is dazzling because of the light. More importantly, she is naked. Her body is wet as if she just finished taking a shower.
“Ah… Ah…”
Takumi can only mutter those sounds seeing the treat in front of him. He examines her body closely and…
There’s a large amount of blood on her stomach. The door to her room is broken, caused by a strong force. Her eyes… Are glowing and have turned red.
“I have to run away.”
But Yumi’s hand which is supporting his body grips him harder. With an extraordinary strength that couldn’t come from her fragile body.
“AHHHHH….. Let me go!”
Takumi screamed at the sight of Yumi opening her mouth.
Takumi’s eyes send out a stream of tears. His shoulder is bitten and the pain he can’t withstand fills his mind.
With his shoulder being torn off, Takumi’s consciousness went down as if falling into darkness.

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    • Yeah, at least he had the right idea. But since he was not used to unexpected situations and could not cope with everything a little faster… Well, at least it was a naked beautiful girl, a small gift before death. ^^

      • i wonder if he died a virgin….that wouldve been sad, to die with a nude beauty right in front of him yet to remain a virgin…..well i doubt he mc is into necrophilia.

  1. thank for the chapter
    i done some proofreading:
    While watching the situation, Takumi felt strange. The police officer injury is serious. It could eveb caused an instant death. You don’t have to be a doctor to know about that. However he still alive and that last scene, he was running.
    make eveb to even

    The nearest cinvenience store is right in front of Takumi’s apartment. He never thought of it before but it’s handy. He never think of hiw convenience a convenience store is until today.
    cinvenience-> convenience
    hiw -> how

    i may a missed other spelling mistake

  2. Thanks for your work, but…

    “The series is machine translated so there may be some different words used than the original and some sentences may be changed but not to effect the story. ”
    If the series is purely MTL then that affirmation can’t be in no way true, as algorithms for machine translation are not advanced enough to choose the correct meaning by context, and even less in a language with no interword spaces and lots of homonims like Japanese (not counting conjugations, declinations and speech levels). Machine translations of way simpler languages can be off by a mile, so jsut picture how much you can go wrong.

  3. Sad thing the life of the MC is like my life in the week work in holyday play , use pc see some videos and back to work …. das life but what better thing for do go for a party , lose all money got drunk?
    Thanks for the chapter

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