ZM ch 03

Zombie Master chapter 3



Takumi awake after that warm encounter. He woke up and can move around but his body is still heavy.

He check his phone to see how long he has fallen asleep.

“I tought I just sleep a few minutes because the sun is still shining. But actually I sleep one full day time.”

Now, he need to check his condition. He could probably have decided that the outer world have fallen. He sit on the bed and surprised.

Yumi was there, standing at the door.


He shouted on reflex. He forget that he is currently at Yumi’s apartment. He noticed that Yumi isn’t naked anymore. She wears a pink dress and it suit her perfectly.

“Am I dreaming? The zombie incident, was it a fake? Where’s the camera?”

But his thoughts erased the moment he saw Yumi red eyes. It brought him back to the harsh reality. However, seeing Yumi has changed, he remember the last moment before he lost his consciousness.

“Could it be?”

He remember asking her to clean herself, wear clothes and even staying inside.

There’s still one big question.

“Why I was taken by her and not be eaten?”

He was confused and tried to ask Yumi. Because clearly she didn’t look as scary as the zombie that he has seen so far.

“Um.. Takahashi-san.. Can you explain what happened to you? I’m at lost here..”

If there’s a consciousness she should be replying to him, but she just stood there.

Seeing no response, he tried another approach. Seeing that she obeyed his word, would she listen to him?

“Can you come here?”

Yumi keep silent for a few seconds but then she walked slowly. Takumi’s eye widened seeing that.

“Can you fold your arms?”

“well, lift your right leg.”

From simple asking method now he is giving order. But seeing her balance is so bad, he asked her to stand casually. There is also a lag time before the order was followed.

“Next! Please lift your skirt.”

Without hesitation she lift her one piece dress and reveal a blue and white stripped panties.

“Now, I have no doubt she will listen to my instruction.”

After satisfied looking at her pantie, he took a note and start experimenting with her. Check the reaction to variety of instruction, all is written down in a notebook.

He also checked wether she need to take a breath and found out her heart isn’t even beating. It is a mystery at how she could move.

He eliminates the chance that she could be saved and declared that she is already dead.

For further investigation, he need more time and zombie.

Now he is sitting at a chair and Yumi is located inbetween his leg. She is just following Takumi instruction. Without refutal she is now licking Takumi’s.

“Yumi followed my order obediently but she can’t speak. She can only let out an Ah or low growl. But I wonder how the voice is reproduced since there’s no air coming out or in from her mouth.”

He also inspected her wallet and found out nothing special.

“Not just taking it in and out. Use your tongue and lick it too.”

After that commands, Yumi took it out and start to lick it as if it was sweet and addicting.

“I have to make sure that if my theory is true. Some command can’t be executed if they didn’t understand about it. Like this blowjob, I’m not sure if she have an experience before because she is a virgin.”

While thinking that, some splashing noise is resounded in the room.

“Maybe she has do a blow job before or have a knowledge about it because she doesn’t look like a slut.”

“Took it all the way to the base and suck it stronger.”

She sometimes put her own variation when servicing him.

“Maybe if she repeat it, she will be experienced in it.”

Without needed another instruction from Takumi, Yumi is servicing him well.

“The instruction can’t be too complex. Before I passed out she managed to clean herself and wear clothes. I wonder if three is the limit when giving commands or more can be inputted.”

He takes a note whenever an idea enter his mind however it’s been hard due to the pleasure. The features of Yumi body and her enticing youth age, seeing her cute face and small lips eating a man thing with addition of vulgar noise, how can he not feel aroused.

Yumi on her initiative move faster and Takumi feel his end is near.

“Yumi… I’m coming.. Please hold it in your mouth.”

Takumi spit out white fluid from his lower body and it all enters her small mouth. It fills her up but she was ordered to hold it in.

“Yumi this time swallow it in and lick me clean.”

After minutes in heavenly pleasure Takumi regained his senses.

“Since the electricity is still running, let’s gather information from the net.”

Takumi ordered Yumi to not leave the room and he decided to go back to his apartment. Walking in the hallway is now a scary thing. He need to be careful. He crouched in the hallway and keep looking around to watch for strange movements.

“It’s so quiet.”

He was tempted to look down to the streets but he don’t want to be careless.

He arrived in his room next door which seemed far away. Closed the door and lock it.

“Fiuh.. Fiuh… My throat is so dry.. I need water.”

He go to the bathroom and turn on the sink.

“It’s good that water is still running.”

He took a glass and drink the water. After finished drinking he saw his reflection in the mirror. He is smiling to saw his own face. He noticed his shirt have some dark stain in shoulder area.

“Aah, I remember Yumi bite me.”

He completely forget about it because after that extra painful experience he passed out. However he know his meat has been gouged out.

“I have to do disinfection. I don’t want to caught the virus.”

He is feeling relieved that he isn’t infected and still he didn’t know the mechanism of the infection. He just know that he need to do something about his wound.

He take off his shirt and looking for the wound. His face suddenly turned stiff.

“What is this? I’m sure I was bitten on the shoulder. I still remember the pain.”

He know that it wasn’t a dream. From the stain in the bloodied shirt, clearly his shoulder has been bitten but, the crater that supposed to be there can’t be seen. The skin even look flawless.


He hurriedly took out a razor from a shelf and with the sharp end make a light cut on his hand.

From a thin line of cut, red blood is oozing out.

“I didn’t feel any pain. Maybe it was too shallow.”

He wash it with water and gaze back at the back of his hand.


On the back of his hand, where the razor cut is inflicted, there’s no sign of cut, not even a scratch..

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