ZM ch 04

Zombie master chapter 4 – collecting infirmation

(Plot chapter is short while obscene one is long Lol..)

Takumi shocked at the wound because there’s not even a scratch.

“Maybe it was too shallow and when my shoulder is bitten, it was just my halucination.”

To confirm it, he prepare first aid kit, alochol, gauze, antiseptic, and prepare to make another wound on himself.

He need to check his own condition. Just in case he will stumble into a shelter, he need to make sure that he is normal and never bitten by a zombie.

This time he make a deeper cut at his finger. Almost cut it off.

“ARGH… It’s hurt!”

Takumi relieved to feel pain. He clean the cut with antiseptic and apply the gauze. When he want to put a band aid, the wound is healed already. The visible damage now only left a thin line behind and dissapear.

“What is this!”

Want it or not, he have to admit that there’s something wrong with his body. He saw his own face reflected at the mirror. The eyes are black, and not red. He put his hand under his nose and could feel his own breath. He put one hand on his chest.


It’s beating.

“My eyes are normal, I’m breathing and there’s a pulse. I didn’t lose my mind so I’m normal right?

Is he still normal? Or the effect is not yet affecting his body?

“I better quit thinking about this. There’s nothing I can do.”

Takumi turned on the TV and except NHK, the other channel isn’t airing. It is also a repeated recorded news saying that the recent outbreak of zombie is happening all around the world.

He decided to search the net and luckily it’s still online. He found a lot of threads in various forum talking about Zombie, no celebrity news, no porn, it’s all about zombie.

He take a note on the information he found.

First, the disaster is happening all around the world. Even in Yout*be you can find lots of video about zombie attacking human. Still, there’s also people who can still think rationally admist this confusion. A thread titled “All you know about zombie! Let’s share infirmation!”

Only 20 anonymous user have visited the page.

“What happens if you’re bitten by a zombie? 1. You become one of them, 2. You’ll be a zombie at a later time (uncertain) 3. Die (highly possible)”

He look again and there is even a scary comments.

“You’ll lose your manhood.”

“Noo way!”

Takumi shouted when he read that.

Post 300: “There is someone that claimed to be able to kill a zombie by smashing their head.”

301: “I saw someone do it with a bat too!”

302:”Someone in a hospital was bitten but he haven’t turned into a zombie.”

303: “Someone posted about a person that turned into zombie in a shelter.”

590:”Don’t hesitate to kill a zombie.”

591:”But they used to be human right?”

592:”It’s kill or be killed.”

What is posted is acceptable but Takumi is thinking hard.

“Why Yumi moved slowly while the police zombie in the Tv could even run?”

He also knows someone is still alive by locking themself in their room. There is a shelter prepared but more people means more risk for someone of them to get infected. There’s also no real guarantee wether the electricity and water will run forever. You’ll run out of food and eventually die. He maybe pesimistic but he is still hoping the JSDF (Japan Self-Defence Force) will do something and be a zombie destroyer. But it was all a frail hope. He looked again in the forum.

Post 1031: “All of us will die.”

1032:”If only I could have sex before I die.”

1033:”Why don’t you do it with a zombie? Hahaha. Just find and elementary kid who couldn’t resist your force and r*pe them.”

1034: “Good idea! Do you have a condom? I don’t want to get zombie virus.”

1035: “Don’t worry about that. You’ll die before you find your ra*e target anyway. Lol.”

1036:”We’re pathetic thinking of losing our virginity to a zombie.”


Takumi read all of that and his mind is running wild.

“It’s probably impossible for others but if other zombie followed my order like Yumi, I could have as many virgin as I want.”

But first, he need to make sure that he won’t get attacked by zombie. If they could be commanded like Yumi that’s even better. He doesn’t even have to fear about zombie anymore.

He smiled like a madman.

“Maybe in the end I’ll turn into a zombie.. But, I don’t care anymore. I’ll do what I want.”

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  1. ok ecchi novel , in a zumbi apocalipe, but why necrophili ? The MC talk of this like is nothing , what goes next , a city of only female zumbies ? all whit sexual fantasy, like maid , nekomini,ect dude i think your brain is a lost cause. but is simple IF YOU DONT LIKE PLEASE LEAVE right? see this video 5 things you need make for survive in a zumbi apocalipse .

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