ZM ch 05

Zombie master chapter 5

Currently it have 12 chapter out so I may push the next few day to catch up to the latest chapter so less focus on the other. Hope I could finish it fast.


Takumi next goal is to find out wether other zombie can be controlled or not. But it was really difficult.

How to find a zombie? Should he go outside? If turn out that he couldn’t command them, it’s a disaster. Should he pressed the bell to other room to find out any survivor too? Maybe there is still someone alive. He may even find companions. But, helping each ither in this kind of condition will makes it worst.

What if the person he found is useless? How if it was a trouble maker?

From what he gathered in the net, zombie have decent sight and hearing because they could locate their prey. There’s also an info saying at night they will become more aggresive and more docile at day. But, if he go out like this he is just a fool. He sneak out after comfirming there’s no zombie outside.

He go to the management office and take the resident book and the master key. He was in luck because there’s no zombie he encounter and not even a human of course. He entered the office and.


He was surprised. He saw a young man in uniform have fallen at the floor and his body is covered in blood. There’s a rotten smell but it’s not from that corpse.


He look around and saw, the young man arm is half gone. It was being eaten by a zombie in janitor suit. The usual smiling janitor is now expresionless. He was eating the young man arm as if havung a delicious snack.

The janitor noticed Takumi barging in and stopped for a second. His gaze shift towards Takumi. The blood stained mouth is red. He even saw some meat stuck between them. His life is in crisis. He even use one hand to block his mouth and stopped breathing.

However it just looking at Takumi without even blinking. Takumi trembling but he need to do it.

“Release that arm.”

Then the janitor stand up waiting for another order. “Give me the resident book.”

Altough the smell is unbearable, Takumi held it in.

The Janitor pass a book and after checking it, Takumi commands him again. “Give me the master key!”

He search around and passed the key to Takumi. After that he leave the room smiling. He didn’t take the elevator to search the room one by one. On the first floor, he noticed a door is slightly opened.

“Room 111. Three person. Father, mother in their fourtieth and a 14years old daughter.”

He entered and the umbrella stand in front of the door has fallen. He entered the living room and saw a middle aged housewife in apron, a teenager in sailor suit sitting calmly. But after seeing Takumi they quickly walked toward him with their arm stretched.

Takumi is now panic. The janitor is staying put but these two are coming after him.

“S-s-stop! Please wait a minute.”

He stutterrd when saying that in fear but thanks God the two has come to a halt.

He is relieved hat the crisis have been averted.

“I’ll talk with the daughter first. Come follow me!”

Takumi show a confident and silly smile. The girl followed behind Takumi to a bedroom. He took out the resident book again and check her out.

“Naito Hiromi, 14, enrolled at St. Mary’s woman school.”

It was a private school and a good one. They used English for daily language and it’s popular. Thr uniform they used is a skirt and white blouse with blue vest. It was a pleasant for the eyes. They maintain the dignity of the girl’s but become the dream of many man. Her wide eyes and cute face is attracting Takumi. The feeling of having a junior high school girl’s body also excited him.

“Altough I didn’t mind doing it in uniform like this, it’s called sailor cosplay but I rather see you naked.”

Hiromi quickly stripped off her clothes. There’s no feeling of shame and obeyed Takumi’s order. As piece by piece of clothing is removed, He get more and more aroused.

Hiromi is 150cm tall. Her skin is milk white and she is slim. The chest area is still in developing stage but it wasn’t flat. In the middle of it, a pink areola could be seen. Slender waist and even her bottom is perfrct without excess fat. There’s even barely hair in her pubic area. Her womanhood is still closed like an innocent child.

He moved behind her and cope a feel of her botton. It’s firm and soft. He once again moved to the front and grabbed her shoulder. He feel the coldness of her skin. It was cold, and dry but not a rotten one. There’s a remaining of what once moist and young skin.

He then moves toward the chest area and put it in both of his hand. He grabbed it easily because it is rather small. Takumi prefer it big and soft but, this immature chest isn’t less appealing. While massaging it with his hand, he used his index finger to stimulate the small pink dot. Slowly, it becomes longer, it was inverted types.

Seeing that, he feel a deep lust growing and his hand moves rougher. It may even be painful if the girl is still alive but she already turned into a zombie.

“Aaah…” there’s a response. That makes him lost control and he quickly put his lips on top of hers. He doesn’t even need to gives an order for her to reply his kiss. Their tongue even entwined with each other. Three minutes was enough to make their saliva overflowing.

“Good. You’re pretty experienced in kissing. Now let’s see how well you can kiss me down there.”

However Hiromi didn’t move. Maybe the command isn’t clear enough.

“You know. Give me a blowjob!”

Still she doesn’t move. Takumi noticed, maybe the idea of putting a man’s inside her mouth is something she doesn’t know how. He feel joy because he could do dirty things to the innocent girl.

“You know, you put mine into your mouth but be careful and don’t bite it.”

Hiromi kneel before Takumi and she released Takumi’s from his pants. She put one hand to make it directed to her mouth and start doing her job.

He was excited at how gentle she was. Without hesitation it was already inside her mouth.


The feeling is even better than Yumi’s. Because it was full of saliva from earlier, it’s smoothly going in and out.

“Use your tongue too. Like licking a popsicles.”

He even moves his hips to match Hiromi’s movement.

“Aaah.. Suck it hard.”

Takumi couldn’t stand the pleasure to be licked, sucked, and going in and out all at the same time.


“Aaaah… That was amazing.. Swallow it all!”

Hiromi is still moving her head and still sucking him dry.

“Aaah… Now, lick it clean.”

She immediatelly followed the order.

“Remember, this is called cleaning blow. Everytime I ask you to do a cleaning blow. You have to do this.”

After that he ask her to stop and ordered her to do a cleaning bow.

“Good girl. You already remember what I taught you.”

He stroked her head gently. It may be an illusion but he felt Hiromi expression is changing.

“Maybe that’s my imagination. However I’m pretty sure now that I could give instruction to a zombie.”

He keep caressing her head while thinking of his future plan.

Strangely enough, he smiled.

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    • It’s clearly stated that they either die or become zombie. “Zombie” and “dead soulless mindless corpse” are two different things.

    • It can’t be necrophilia and rape at the same time. And also it isn’t necrophilia. They were going to rape him anyway as they started moving towards him.

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