ZM ch 06

Zombie master chapter 6

This chapter has descriptive sexual contents. Please don’t read it if you have erectile disfunction or ED.

Takumi sit on the bed and Hiromi is still naked in front of him. She spread her leg and push out her hip to present her flower to Takumi. The colour is beautiful cherry red and she spread it open. Revealing a thin line of her hymen. Yumi is also a virgin but he didn’t get a chance to see the hymen. Seeing Hiromi’s is his first time.

He never have sex with someone younger. Tasting Yumi’s and Hiromi is a wonderful experience for him.

“Strange enough, it is wet.”

There’s a drop of water coming out. For a girl that doesn’t even know the meaning of fellatio earlier, she is already well prepared to be embraced by a man.

Takumi put his middle finger infront of the opening and touch the cold liquid. He tried to push it in but the feeling of hitting a wall is pressuring his finger. He take it back lift Hiromi to the bed.

“Spread out your leg and bend your knees.”

Her leg is in M-shape while she lay down on the bed.

Takumi’s member is already dry even though Hiromi just lick it before. However the love juices coming out from her is sufficient to do the job. If it was a normal girl, he will hesitate. But she is a zombie. Without reserve he forcefully deflowering her.

“Aarrggh… It’s.. Tight… It’s.. Painful!”

Takumi penetrated her deep. Red blood can be seen around the opening. If she’s not a zombie she will be crying in pain. The blood that comes out is more than normal.

“Afterall.. It’s too tight.”

Takumi couldn’t move but the inner wall is contracting. It’s moving like it wants to swallow it.

He feel comfortable but painful at the same time. It’s tightening even more.

“Aaah.. What happened?”

In that moment, cold water is coming out from Hiromi’s. The inner wall of her is squirming as if massaging him.

“Whoa.. This feeling is amazing.. I didn’t even move.”

After it relaxed and flooded with cold liquid, Takumi start to move.

The opening contracted everytime he goes in and out. He move even wilder enjoying the sensation.

The room is quiet and a wet sound is resounding.

“fuh. Fuh..”

He even changed their position several time and have been doing it like a wild beast. With waves of pleasure, Takumi dumped all of him inside Hiromi. He took it out slowly but it’s still hard.

“Not yet.. It’s not enough!”

Slowly, a naked Yumi enters the room. This time she comes without even being instructed. However Takumi didn’t care about how she got there. He grabbed Yumi’s neck and pull her down in front of his.

Yumi looked at his and without any order took it all in to the back of the throat. Carefully cleaning it. Takumi pull her hair and moves her head back and forth. After she is doing it on her own, he massaged her large chest savagely. Hiromi is now looking at Takumi as if waiting to be allowed to join in. Takumi gestured for her to come and now Yumi and Hiromi is sharing. Alternately left and right, it enters the girls mouth.

“Now, get down on all four and show me yours.”

Hiromi and Yumi is lined up and showing their opening. It was a dream for all man. It’s a scene that could arouse anyone. Without any wait, he penetrated Yumi. Her inside is already wet. He moves vigorously until the bed is shaking. Yumi large breast is jingling up and down. And her privates is clutching Takumi’s like a carnivorous plant that caught its prey.

“Even though they’re zombie. It still feels good.”

After he do Yumi long enough, he take it out and stick it in Hiromi. Today is her first time and it was still tight. Making it hard for him to move.

“It’s tight. Hiromi feels amazing.”

However if doesn’t mean that Yumi is inferior. He takes it out and when he stick it in Yumi’s, her inner wall is enveloping his perfectly.

“Yumi is also amazing. I couldn’t hold it any longer.”

Takumi lift Yumi right foot and lift it up. It gives more access for hin to reach deeper. Seeing her breast moving, he is bringed to his end. While squirming a littlr, he released his liquid inside of her.

When he take it out, the two girl is competing to lick him clean.

With satisfaction in mind, he stroke their head.

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