ZM ch 07

Zombie master chapter 7 -reality

Takumi decided to clean his body and enter the bath. His lower body is sticky due to the sexual activity that is done many times in a short period of time. You could even said he exercising due to the amount of sweat generated.

In addition to that, Yumi and Hiromi also join. But the bathtub is only able to fit one people so they are left on the floor.

The purpouse is not to clean their body only but to examine it closer. Observing the two bodies, he ask them to clean theirself whule he is observing.

“Except for a scar on her stomach, Hiromi’s body is flawless. Yumi’s too is amazing. But it was pale.”

It was because the heart has stopped so the blood isn’t circulating. He was worried if one day they will become rotten and smelly. There’s also no other wound.

“I wonder if the wound they get when infected is already healed.”

However his thought is distracted by a low growl from his stomach.

He decided to eat immediatelly. While he electricity is still running, he will use microwave to heat frozen food. When the electricity run out it will be a junk and melted because the fridge was off.

“What am I supposed to do with the two of you?”

The image of a typical zombie in movie and games attending to their daily needs is never be shown. In movie and games they are only eating humans. Now he’s going to live with two zombie, not a pet cat or dog.

“The janitor seemed to be eating a corpse. I wonder if it was because of hunger or what?”

Takumi took out the frozen food that is already warm and split it between the three of them.

“They will eat it if they want to eat it.”

He don’t know how the metabolism of a zombie works. However the scene of the girl eating the food surprised him.

“Does it mean from now on I have to keep them well fed?”

Seeing them could eat normally Takumi start to think.

“No need to feed them anymore. But,”

Takumi is in dillema. His food will run out faster. He wantes to keep them mainly to be used as sexual partner but he also still need to experiment with the instruction. They also may be useful later on. It’s not a good idea to abandon them now.

“Well, if they keep eating won’t their stomach will be full eventually because they couldn’t digest it?”

He is worried if one day they will spit out food from their mouth.

“Seeing them eating now, if there’s a corpse in front of me I wonder if they will change.”

Takumi didn’t stay any loger and reorganizing things. He secure food and water, put them in one box, maybe if they decide to leave the apartment he will be able to carry it wih him. He turn on the radio and TV however the same recorded emergency news is the one that aired. On the net it’s even worse. They are all spamming their death’s will.

The second night of the apocalypse come. Takumi is now dressed in all black to blend in with the darkness. He want to study zombie habits when the night have come. It is still unknown wether they will be normal or not, if they still obeyed him or not.

“They said the zombie at night is more aggresive. I have to fins out if they are still obeying my words or not.”

He want to bring weapons but right now he only have kitchen knives and pans.

“I’ll just run when it’s get worse.”

Takumi go out and there’s no sign of zombie.

“This is terrible.”

When he reach the road, he gasped involutarily. As far as he can see, dead bodies are lying down and scattered. People that have been eaten in half. Broken glasses and pool of blood. He arrived at the convenience store and see two zombie is moving around. It semed that they didn’t noticed him.

“To think that it was only the second day.”

Takumi walking in the shadow avoiding street lamp. He met a middle aged zombie but he followed his instruction to “go away”. Therefore he is relieved that even at night his words still have power.

“We arrived.”

It was a perfectural elementary school building. This place is the emergency shelter for this area. If some disaster happened, this is the evacuation spot. If there’s a human refugee camp this is the place.

There’s no light coming out. There’s no sign of people there.

“Maybe it’s to avoid the zombie attention.”

Afterall he wouldn’t know if he didn’t The best place to check is the gymnasium. However in the yard he already saw a small figure wrigling. It was a small boy zombie. Several children also coming there. When one of them saw Takumi, they start to run to him at an outstanding pace. Takumi immediately run from seeing the horror scene.

“This is hell.”

The sight of lifeless children chasing him is burned in his mind. At that time, two shadowy figures arrived at his side. They wear gym suit and their name tag is still clear. “5th grade Hayami Rika” and “5th grade Fujishima Yayoi”.

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  1. Meh not really one for necrophilia but if you view them as mobile dolls or vegetative humans driven by instinct it’s fine

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