ZM ch 08

Zombie master chapter 8 – elementary school of tragedy

Takumi observes the two girl that is coming closer

Hayami Rika, her height is around 130cm and hair is shoulder length. There’s a red big ribbon on her head to show off her cuteness. Large eyes and petite face can only be described as cute. When still alive, she was the class number one beauty.

In contrast Fujishima Yayoi is 150cm tall. Thick eyebrows and short bob hair. Her face is still a little bit childish but when she grow up it will be a beauty. Her body is thin but there’s a hint of athlete’s body. She is one of the top girl in the class along side with Rika.


A groan comes out from one of them. He know maybe they are signalling him abiut the others children zombie.

“Both of you, stay on guard.”

Takumi take a peek at the gymnasium. This where usually people sleep when a disaster occurs.

“They are wearing gym clothes, maybe they are attacked at the PE class.”

Twenty small zombies were walking aimlessly inside. There’s also several corpse lying on the floor. They are all wearing clothes with name and 5th grade are written.

“Is the whole class infected?”

When Takumi attending elementary school at least 40 people is in one class. He count the number of body and know some were missing. He move to the back and heading to the locker room.

As far as he knows it, zombie couldn’t open the door normaly. When he ask Yumi to open it, she couldn’t turn the doorknob. She opened it with force. Maybe zombie have low intelligence so, if humans hide inside a room there is a possibility of survivor.

He recognize that inside the gym, some of them gathered at the entrance of the locker room. So he deciden to go there from the back door. But, so far he still didn’t see the sight of the teachers. Maybe there is someone who stay inside the locker room.

“Excuse me! Is there someone inside?” if there’s a human someone should give him a reply. But there’s no reaction. Takumi feel somewhat down. If there’s no reply, someone must still be afraid to come out. If there’s something jamming the door or blocking the path, the probability of a survivor is high.

The door opened easy and bring dissapointment. When he look inside he is frozen to death. Five children zombie is eating two adult corpse. They are busy eating and didn’t notice him.

There’s a sign of barricade made from vaulting horse box but it failed to protect their lives. He closed it again an sighed. He searched the school and encounter the same situation on some classroom. It was far worse than what he originally think. In this tragic situation, how his future will be?

“No, I can’t get depressed. I’m still alive!” he slapped his cheek to energize himself.

When he was about to leave the school, three children is gathered at the entrance. The first is Rika and Yayoi. The last one, Tanak Fumika. 140cm tall and jet black long hair like a Japanese doll. She didn’t stand out like Rika or Yayoi but still cute. Seeing them, Takumi depression is long gone.

He imagined the sight of them when they are still alivr. Waving their hands and with their innocent children voice, playing around. However their red gleaming eyes and expressionless state pierces his heart. Strangely enough the three girl is following him around adjusting ti his walking speed.

“For now I’ll go home. I can’t bear to look anymore. Maybe I’ll come again in the future to check.”

Takumi is stunned when seeing the three young girl standing side by side. Wearing their gym clothes, it gives off the feeling of illussion.

“What am I going to do with them?”

He noticed that the blood scattered on their gym clothes is enough to tell him about their bad experiences.

“For now, take off your clothes.”

He remember when he was at elementary school he never seen a girls body except when they were taking swimming lesson. He feel nostalgic and shouted “Oh?”.

At first taking off the clothes he mean for them to leave their underwear on. But right now they are already naked.

The shortest is Rika, her chest is too small but her ribbon giving an alluring sight. Fumika on the other hand, like a doll her skin also white and smooth which gives off unhealthy feeling. Yayoi on the other hand with her athletic body is sending her charm. She even wear sports bra because her chest have matured earlier.

Seeing them, he lost his rationality and the bulge inside his pant is groeing. He asked them to kneel doen in front of him and opened their mouth. The first one to be defiled is Yayoi’s mouth as her body is more mature.

She accepted Takumi’s unsude her mouth. There’s a hint of guilt coming from Takumi but the lust override it. “Lick it like eating a candy. But don’t bite it.”

Yayoi then began his intruction. There’s a sensual sound coming out from her mouth. She is eating a candy that will never run out.

“Aaah.. It feels so good.”

The sight of Yayoi servicing him is really dangerous.

“Stop! Stop!..” he can’t let it out now.

“Fumika, do the same thing like Yayoi.”

Fumika bring her mouth closer and start with a small peck. With each kiss, Fumika bring it deeper inside her mouth. This is her way of eating candy. She lick it a little bit and put it in and out her mouth. Starting by putting in a little bit then putting all of it in. Takumi feel one of the best sensation in his life.

“Ugh.. That’s enough… Having two different style is amazing. Rika, can you do it too?”

Her small lip parted and she put it deep down at her throat in one go. She even used her hand to stimulate other area. She is skilfully moving her head and hands to stroke it some time. Takumi eyes widened. Seeing the innocent Rika servicing him eroticly. Takumi didn’t know she used to read a hentai comic that belongs to her brother. This time she is using her knowledge to please a man.

“Hufh.. Hufh..”

He pull it out from Rika’s mouth and thrust it into Yayoi. He moves his hip to match her movement. If it was a normal girl she whould be choked but for zombie, they don’t need to breathe. He shift it to Fumika and her small lips again. She couldn’t use her tongue like before but the saliva is overflowing.

“Rika, I’m going to do it violently.”

He put it all in one go and grabbed her hair. She moves her head back and forth faster than the others. He was confused that a zombie movement can be this agile.

“Ugh… Rika… I’m coming…..”

Due to the intense movement, he reached his end.


“Rika! Swallow it all!”

Either he realized it or not, it was already swallowed before he ordered it.

He take it out and lay down of the bed.

“Three of you! Please lick it clean!”

The three girls head is dancing on top of Takumi’s. Their tongur is also used and causing wet sound. They licked it clean without leaving any spot unattended. Even when it’s already clean they keep on licking it. Takumi is looking at that satisfied.

5 comments on “ZM ch 08

  1. Holy shit he’s doing it with ementary schoom girls… Good thing everyone is 18+ in fiction no matter what.

  2. Anyway, I was really hoping that one of the girls ate candy viciously and would crunch down on his dick. Unfortunately, it was not so.

    Next on the list: Toddlers

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