ZM ch 09

Zombie master chapter 9


Takumi is now troubled. In front of him, three girl lay down on the bed and their leg is on M shape. They are all comoletely hairless and hidden between their leg is pink opening. The sight of the three young girls can drive any man mind to break.

But why Takumi is troubled? It was because they are still underaged.

“If I put mine inside. There’s a probability that they will be ‘broken’ “.

The three of them is even younger than Hiromi. He tried to put his finger in but he hesitated. If he tried to put it in forcefully he may harm the girls.

They are already a zombie so they wouldn’t feel pain but, his mental is contradicting.

“They won’t feel anything.. But, they are still underage.. Aarrggh..”

But still, he is a selfish man. For his pleasure he could care less about others.

“Maybe I could use lotion.”

However where will he find such lotion at this time? He give up the idea and use an easier approach. Maybe I could make them aroused.

He tried to touch Rika’s. When giving service she was the most aggresive girl. Maybe she is also the most wet. His left hand caressing his chest and there’s only a slight mound. He could put all of it inside his hand. Still, it’s tight and dry.

He moved to Yayoi that have the largest breast from the three. Each time he massaged it, her body gives a response but, she is still dry down there.

The last one is Fumika. He couldn’t massage her chest so he just rubbed it with his palm. After some time, he moves his finger to her opening and it convulsed for a second. He noticed from her small opening a stream of sweet liquid coming out.

“Is this..?”

He start using his pinky, then changed to ring finger before finally use his middle finger. If he listen closely there’s a sound of water everytime he moves his finger. Slowly he manages to insert his whole middle finger.

He readied himself for intercourse. He put the head first inside and slowly work his way to the base.

When he did it with Hiromi, her virgin’s wall is squeezing him without even needing to move. This time, it was tighter.


This time even Takumi could feel the pain. Slight trace of blood is flowing down. However the wetness easen his pain. Slowly it adapts to Takumi’s.

If she was alive her pain will be unbearable. Right now, Fumika remains expresionless. When he feel he pressure is lessen, he start to move.

“Uuhnn… Uuhnn..”

Fumika remain expressionless but every time Takumi’s going in and out, she was moaning as if gasping for air. Fumika’s wrapped Takumi’s tightly. He couldn’t move too quick because it will only causing him pain. With each slow movement, an erotic wet sound is produced.

Takumi is aroused. Fumika release a lot of love juice until the amount is like flooding out.

He thrust it as deep as he can and.. “splurt”

He released it at the deepest part of her. This time he released it for a long time until his lower back feel numb. Fumika’s is twitching recieving it and produce her own liquid. He took it out and it was shiny because of the juices. He moves it to Fumika mouth asking her to clean it. He is lying on the bed exhausted.

After several minutes restoring his strength, he isn’t feeling lustful anymore. He thinks of what to do next.

“I better clean myself.”

This time he entered the bath along with the three young girls. Their eyes were red and low body temperature. They are clearly a zombie, but because they will live together from now on, he cleans them personally.

Just when they finished taking a bath, he noticed that he have no clothes for the new member. He may decided to go shopping with the girls tommorrow. However for now, what should he do? The washed gym clothes is still in washing machine.

Their movement is dull when coming out of the bath. If they are still normal, he will hear their giggles and laugh while they are chatting with each others. However these girl just stood there in silent.

While thinking about washing machine he gets a sudden idea and leave the girl standing there. He entered Yumi’s room.

He write down an instruction and passed it to Yumi.

“Yumi, do your laundry.”

She followed it and collecting dirty clothes in the basket. She put them inside the machine and activating it by pressing the button.

“Does she have some consciousness when turning on the machine or it was based on her experience?”

He tried to scribble unknow words and passed it to her. But she stayed silent. He tried to commands with words and she obeyed.

“I also have a curiosity. Does anyone could give order to zombie or is it only me?”

This ability of his is still in question. But he didn’t dwell on it and continue his experiment.

He write another command at the paper. “Stand on one foot.” and she obeyed it.

This time, he passed the instruction to Yumi and asked her to give it to Hiromi. However Hiromi didn’t move. He gives direct order to Hiromi trough writings and she obeyed it.

“This is still a hypothesis. I could give an order if it’s a direct order. Written order won’t work if passed down by a zombie even though they know that it was written by me.”

Slowly but sure Takumi is more interested in the zombie, their life and his ability.

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