ZM ch 10.5

Zombie master chapter 10.5 Interlude

(I was at lost for some parts because the language involved is on microscopic level.)

Sarah Nakagawa, she has been fighting her disease as long as she remember. She is half foreigner, her father is American and her mother is Japanese. From childhood her mother suffered respiratory problems. When she is eight years old, her mother sickness becomes incurable. She is trying to heal her mother as far as becoming a doctor herself.

She inherited her mother oriental face and really beautiful. Her appearances mix well with her blonde hair. When she grow up her appearances is irresistable. No man can walk past without looking at her. However she isn’t interested in man. She only have one goal and that’s to cure her mother.

She become obsessed in her works and others distanced theirself from her. She didn’t feel sad but she is grateful. She doesn’t want to waste her precious research time in pointless human relationship.

Despite all her effort and devotion, her mother passed away one year later. Her father grieved so bad to the point he goes after her three months later. Ironic, one month after her mother died, she found a drug that could surpressed the disease. It might save her life if it was completed one month earlier. It might save her father if he knew his health was deteriorating. Only bitter regrets remains.

In the process of creatinf the new drug, Sarah makes multiple major medic discovery and become famous. She even become a candidate to win the Nobel Prize. But it means nothing for her.

She relocate her home to Japan after all of that. She stayed at her mother house. Because of her achievements she easily accepted at the Japan University Hospital. However one year later, the zombie outbreac occured. She was contacted by the Japanese goverment to research a cure.

She doesn’t believe in supersition of zombie. It was only an unknown infectious disease. Sarah who hated disease that cause deaths victim agreed to help.

Panic caused only because of high infection rate. Because of that, research data is gathered with ease. She then given a level 4 laboratory. Level 4 is the highest safety level. Not even a bacteria or virus could move freely and infect people. National Institute of Infectious Disease and the RIKEN Tsukuba Institute joined hand and given all authority.

What is the power in level 4 laboratory? For a level 3 lab, even in a crisis state, they need a couple of months to be allowed to do animal experiment. For level 4? They could even do human experiment but usually the location is on remote island. Why? The risk of a virus outbreak can be contained by the sea. The higher level the lab have, the higher the risk because they research on dangerous bacteria.

Therefore this level 4 lab is the only exception. It was created in haste and located at Tokyo underground. Talented people from all around Japan including Sarah is gathered here.

It also makes it easy to collect zombie sample. Brain cell, salivary glands, all were inspected under the electron microscope.

The virus is shaped like a bullet. The shape itself was bizarre. It was found both in the brain cell and at the salivary glands.

“What is this?”

In one of the cell, there’s a fluctuation of nucleic acid. In another one, the nucleic acid is repeatedly replicating theirself. Each cell formed together into a form of new virus wearing a shell of protein in an oval shape. If it was infecting one cell, there isn’t a big problem. But this one virus attacking others and soon the number overwhelming normal cell.

The virus that attacked the brain shell even do more impossible things. Some of the cell mutated and the virus is incorporated into the original cell and enlarging it. The sample was taken under miscroscope and the dead infected brain cell pulsating as if it was alive.

From the salivary gland, another virus is found. The appearances is like a teardrop. This soon lead to one discovery after another. The oval and teardrop mixed and resulting in twenty nine different variation. The strangest one is a triangular shaped that is swimming inside the blood. Even if the blood flow has stopped, it is still circulating inside the body.

“Is this really a virus?”

From laboratories all around the world, no one could figure out what’s going on.

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  1. i thought the author only interested at mindless necrophilia acts. surprising he is trying to make a scaffolding back story for it. after all hard to explain the logic about why the zombie just bite not eat him letting him fully infected by the virus first when she wait till he waking up and proceed raping him. or why zombie get wet.

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