ZM ch 10

Zombie Master chapter 10

He lost one T-shirt, two towel, and three pants that is torn by force by asking the zombie to do his laundry. Altough they are able to follwed the order but they lack gentleness.

After the laundry job was done, he exit his room and gathered more specimen. This time he get three fresh body.

The first one is a woman in her twenty. There’s a large scar across his stomach. Maybe if the wound is afflicted before their death not because of the zombie it won’t get healed. This time the girl he brings in is not for sexual act. He instruct her to stand still in a corner. He want to know how long these zombie can stay “alive” without food, drink, he want to find out their life span.

The second body is a middle aged man. He use him to pick up food and water from convenience store. While on the way, he could see more zombie roaming around. However the reason he raid this store is too survive on his own and eliminate threats that is coming from other human that have same ability as him. At least he doesn’t know yet how many survivor is out there and how many have this power. He issued him to move back and forth moving the supplies. He used him because he doesn’t want to take risk in losing his playthings.

It is a strange things watching zombie move around carrying food back and forth. He didn’t specify what things to bring and the first thing he brought is beef jerky and low malt beer. The beef jerky can be preserved but there’s a rotten smell stuck to the package from the man’s body. When he asked food, there’s a wide variety of them. But for water, he didn’t think he will bring malt beer instead of purified water.

After the convenience store is empty, he gives him order again to search for food. He didn’t come back to the store and was missing for a long time. Maybe he will search forever. But he comes back with a pack of frozen food.

“Well, maybe he searched around for it. Altough the instruction isn’t detailed it still completes his task. Maybe they have intelligence after all.”

He asked him again but he keep on bringing frozen food. Once again his hypothesis failed.

“It doesn’t have intelligence after all. It must be based on his habit. It comes from his memory when still alive.”

There’s a big chance they still retain their memory when they’re alive.

The third pupil he obtained is a man around thirty years old, his neck is almost fell off and his belly is gouged out. It is similar to the police’s zombie and show the same agility when he asked him to run. He noticed his body may undergo a mutation. From his leg, another layer of muscle can be seen outside of his leg. From the arm, a thick meat covered a wound. Maybe these are the factor that could enhance their speed and strength but it is still unknown. But due to his extra ordinary speed and strength he was asked to take patrol. He set a perimeter around his apartment.

He gives order to let him know if there’s a survivor approaching but he still didn’t sure wether the zombie will attack the man or listen to him. Still, he is interested in the physical changes of the zombie body. He doesn’t know what is the cause.

He tried to find more information on the net but it wasn’t helpful. The people is now more depressed. The post is now only about confussion, desperation, trashy chat and fear of reality.

Still there’s an interesting chat about the cause of the alocalypse. There’s a possibility of man made virus, natural phenomenon caused by God. They also post their theory and backing method. There’s even saying about voodoo magic, mutated disease and about how it happened at the same time all around the world.

Long incubation period is the most reasonable. It has spread for a long time and people doesn’t aware about it. Infection by air rather than zombie’s bite, but now talking about the cause when all the world have been infected was too late. Maybe they are trying to find a hope for a cure but more pesimistic people is flaming around.

“Apocalypse. Judgement day has come and hell fall upon earth.”

However some scientific people replied.

“This is the path to evolution. We’re able to become immortal if we passed the natural selection.”

He decide he need to stop searching the forum and move into a productive session. After all we didn’t know how long the net will stay online.

He searches for survival techniques and print them down. Method to secure water, food, rope knots, tents, reading maps, and all other thing that he think he will need. While the printer is busy, he searched to find info about survivor abroad.

There is people surviving at other country too. One of them work at a convinience store and lock himself within it. However it was all posted at the day of the apocalypse. There’s no news from today. No news from goverment or any sign of military resistance.

Soon the night of the third day will come. In the middle of the night, strange things happen. Breaking sound can be heard from various places. Humans scream is echoing. This is the first time the zombie is actively searching for survivor. Before daybream, many survivor has decline once again. Either killed or turned into one of them. This is only the third night yet humanity is on the brink.

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