ZM ch 11

Zombie master chapter 11


After the aggresive changes on the night of the third day, a lot of victim haa fallen. The news was spread rapidly trough the net. Fear and despair envelopes the grim future.

In the fourth and fifth day, more victim has fallen. The news only repeated the same goverment emergency order. It is strictly forbidden to go out at night. The zombie will react to any sound and light coming from windows and it was recommended that you close the shutter or even don’t turn on the lights. Cover the windows using black light curtain to block off some noise as well.

There is even a movie where a zombie could even find a human just because he lights a candle. People take it as a joke but now it seems true.

Lower apartments room havr taken considerable damage. Some of the survivor on the net have move to higher level. However right now the biggest problem is not about the zombie but about food and water. Their emergency stock for emergency earthquake, some didn’t prepare it. Fortunately water is still running. But, human can’t live with water only.

There is also no help from the government so far. It was only their emergency order on he TV. There is a mention about shelter but along the way they provide no assistance so the safety to reach it is on your own risk.

It is strange but this was completely beyond the response capacity of the government. It once have their pride, the JSDF. However it couldn’t handle threats from all around Japan at the same time. Vehicles abandoned on the way further limiting their mobility. Therefore helicopter is the only option but the helicopter available is being used for moving personnel and defense.

When people gets more desperate, Takumi feel the opposite. On the night of the fourth day, he noticed that his body gradually becomes stronger when the night comes. His body feel lighter as if supported by a strong force. His hearing enhanced and his eyes can see better in the dark. He was scared to turn into a zombie at first but his pupil remained black. Each time he check it in the mirror, he is sighing in relief.

After the third night, he was feeling anxious because of the changes of behaviour of the zombie. He checked the lower floor and check wether there’s a survivor. On the night of the fourth night, he already make barricade on the third, fourth and fifth floor. He didn’t care using residents furniture because he is the sole survivor in the building. He only cares about preventing zombie from climbing up. If someone saw a barricade they will know someone is alive but for zombie, they won’t noticed it.

The first and second floor, no door is closed. There’s a sign of it opened by force. The situation inside is a horror sight, as if a wipe out operation was done. After that, he becomes a scavenger. He rummage trough the room and take anything he could. Food, tents, sleeping bag, telescope and camping supplies, it comes from a room with a hobby of stargazing he guess. He feel guilty for taking it without asking but he have to do this to stay alive.

Third floor and higher, some of it was closed. He could open it using the master key but there’s no reason for that. For Takumi, another human possessed the same threat as zombie. People may try to help each other but it is meaningless for Takumi. Their food supply with deplete faster and there’s no reason to put himself in such disadvantages.

For normal human, zombie is the threat so they work together however it’s not the same with Takumi. If they know about his ability he is in bigger danger. He can freely control zombie and don’t want to feel regret if he gave up on this godly ability to live with human.

Takumi even once think to mobilize zombie to kill any survivor in the building but he couldn’t do such a terribke act to actively hurt others. Feelings of wanting the survivor to be safe also exist but he shouldn’t be their saviour. What’s more his body condition, he is not sure what’s going to happen to his body.

While no one is walking at night, Takumi can freely get out of the room. He can take a bicycle and  heading home. Not to his apartment but to his real home. He want to check his family safety. “I don’t have high hope but it’s not wrong to check it with my own eyes.” however the sight in front of him hinder his intention once more.

The number of zombie woman under his command is more than twelve. Including newly recruited under his instruction they are all naked. He doesn’t even go as far as to remember their names except for the first five girl that he shared his pleasure. He no longer cares to such trivia things as name.

Takumi is lying on the bed. To his left and right there is Yumi and Hiromi. They are slowly caressing Takumi’s thight. Each time the coldness of their hand send waves of pleasure. In his right leg, Yayoi and Rika is rubbing their body all over. In his left, Fumika and one other girl clinging doing the same thing. Under their child like skin, he feel his lower half is in heaven. They even start to lick all over withkut being instructed.

It also makes his precious member under the service of four young girls tongue where they keep shifting. It soon aroused Takumi and he is ready for the next step. He instruct a new woman to come.

She is mid-twenties with a short bod. With glasses that gives off a vibe of secretary. Her rounded buttocks is round and firm.

Takumi asked the woman to show him her back. She used his hand to enjoy the firm bottom. The skin is not smooth but its have a grainy texture (someone know what is grainy texture is?). He couldn’t help it but to slap her bottom. He is spanking in moderation and since zombie couldn’t feel pain he didn’t hold back. He grabbed her waist and at once inserted his own inside.


She is not a virgin but the tightness is comparable to virgin high school girl. It have some love juice and softly wrapping Takumi’s. The softness as if he melted with her. They are connected so perfectly. Takumi instructed her to move her hips up and down. Everytime, the sight of such plump bottom covering his and going up and down, the sight is burned deel inside his mind. He move his hands to grab her chest drom behind. The soft feeling running trough his hand and the size is smaller compared to her bittom. The large nipple is fully erected and giving unexpected sensation to his lower member every time he pinch it. The woman movement is kinda jadded so he grab her waist.

Takumi move her up and down vigorously. He didn’t realize that he is lifting her with his hand because he couldn’t even feel the weight of her body. He just move her to his desire. The sound produced is so dirty. The sound of his waist hitting her bottom. The wetness of their sex genital. He soon released his liquid deep inside her. When he lift her and lowered her to the side, he feel a little bit numb.

“Maybe that was too much.”

Seeing that it was dirty, he grab the new girl on his foot which he don’t know the name to clean it. The girl could even scream if she was alive. The tongue enveloping his member and the girl couldn’t bear to let it part with her mouth. While enjoying the services, he grabbed two new woman.

The first is in early twenties with medium length hair. The size of her bottom is comparable with the girl earlier but she has some muscle indicating her love for sport. The other is twenty years old and short pony tail hair. The most unmatched sight about them is their height when lined up. The first girl is tall while the other is short.

He asked them to show their back to him again. He asked them to crawl on all four and lift their bottom. If a normal girl do this, it will be a humiliating sight but since they are zombie, they do it without even hesitating. In order to make love with the two, he asked Yumi, Hiromi and the gradeschooler set to masturbate and show it to him. He doesn’t know wether they could pleasure theirself so it makes sense to try it out.

Yumi and Hiromi is doing it while sitting down. Their hands is roaming on their chest and lower mouth. Fumika is doing it while lying down on the bed. Yayoi is doing it while on crouching position but her bottom is higher and her head rested on the bed. Rika and the nameless child doing it awkwardly as if lacking experiences. Seeing the six masturbating girl, his lust soared.

He approached the tall woman first. She isn’t a virgin anymore but her hymen break because of her vigorous exercise from school days. This is the first time her lower mouth accepted the things if man. The inside is wet and wriggling as if there’s a creature inside of it. It make Takumi involuntarily leak a little. It was a deadly pleasure that makes you want to ejaculate as soon as you put it in. He need to do something.

He take it out and put it inside the smaller girl in surlrise. This one is not a virgin but she lost it because she violates herself. Her body figure is comparable to high school student and the tightness is even tighter. He was at his limit from the first girl so he stuck it deep and the tightness is squeezing him down. “splurt”. Like in AV, the woman body wriggled and writhing. From her lower mouth a white liquid is coming out.

Seeing that, Takumi recovered. He move in and out once again and white foam is formed along with sticky wet sound. Her chest is moving along with her body. After few minutes he shift it back to the tall girl.

The creatures inside is giving Takumi unimaginable pleasure. Without even exceeding twenty stroke, he released a white stream of liquid inside her.

“She is amazing…as if something is living inside.”

He then moves to the rest of the party. The first is a woman in early twenties but her chest is enormous. E, no F, the large chest will drive any man mad. Takumi pushed her down and the floor and do a self-paizuri (if you don’t know what it means, don’t google it up!). He feel as if he was lost inbetween the soft and large mound. He is ready and pushed it inside her while coping a feel to her enromous chest. She feels experienced.

Not like the first timer and inexperienced girl. She was a lady. Her inner have a charm and luring his in. There’s even a variation coming from her inside giving variable pleasure. His finger sink down in the soft chest and tighten every time he massage it.

“I’m coming… Aaah…..”

“pant.. Pant..”

With that, he already released it inside for three times. It seemed to be his limit. Due to the extreme movement, his lower half is numb. However when he want to take it out, something is swallowing it deel and the sudden pleasure makes him release another white liquid.

“splurt.. Splurt.. Splurt.. Splurt..”

It’s squeezing him dry and his waist trembles.


Sleepiness hit him so he rest his head on the enormous chest that is softer than a pillow. Without taking it out, he closes his eyes.

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  1. Now that’s a true harem. Fuck it, let’s go raid an elementary school next. We already passed the threshold of good and bad! PURE ENTROPY!

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