ZM ch 12

Zombie master chapter 12

(Suddenly lots of new character introduced. Whew. I wonder if we’ll finally see a decent plot. Anyway I’ve caught up to the latest chapter. Yeay! From now on it will be one to two chapter per week depending on the author.. Let’s wait patiently for the story to unfolds.)

“Alright I’m ready..”

When the sun has been going down, Takumi is riding a bicycle and bring a backpack eith some food. The destination is his parents’ home in Tokyo. It was sixteen kilometer away. It’s easy to reach if he use a car but the number of car abandoned on the road makes it impossible to drive trough. This is the fifth day of apocalypse. Mother should be at home, father is in his office. My two sisters are in the middle and high school nearby. My sister can think quickly and adapts to situation. My father is dependable so Takumi decided to check on his mother. If in luck they will be safe and will use the family house as the base.

He takes the nationak highway and will takes time around an hour. However due to the number of car abandoned it will take twice as long. Some car even burning. There’s also zombie walking aimlessly on the highway.

“How come, these guys seemed to be avoiding me.”

In the past occasion some zombie may run coming at him but nowdays it doesn’t happened anymore. Even while dodging the abandoned car, the zombie not even once block his way.

This time, he couldn’t tell apart between human and zombie. The dead who’s not turning into a zombie will have their body damaged either because of suicide or killed before infected. The zombies, some of them have clean undamaged body. Only by seeing their movement or rotten smell, Takumi could know they are zombie. That’s also the reason Takumi could do sex with them. Yumi and the girls not even smell and their wound from being bitten has long healed.

However the appearances of corpses is unpleasant much more than the zombie. They were all in terrible state. No burial, no name, and even after they died, zombie is eating them and leaving behind only bones and blood.

He quicken his pace, worried about his family. However in front of him the road is blocked. Burning vehicles completely blocking the way.

“Let’s find another route.”

He wants to take a primitive map but he remember he have a smartphone. The GPS nowdays is way better than a regular map. He take out his phone and his heart skipped a beat.

“there is.. A mail?”

He only checked his phone in the first two day. Given that today is the fifth day, he didn’t check it anymore. He checked the mail and the sender is Anba , his first sister. The time, one hour ago.

“Help! I’m with sister hiding at school!” the sentences seemed to be written in an hurry. He relieved that they manage to stay together admist the chaos. One hour ago, they are still alive. Just from that, anxiety comes. In one hour anything could happened. He opened his phone and search for navigation to his sister school. He could care less if it was sended by others but it was his sisters. He also have a pride as a brother. Seconds later the fastest route is displayed on his phone and he pedalled hard. He ride it with determination.


Anba . Soon, she is going to be sixteen years old. She have dignified expression and calm eyes. Her impressive figure completed with a long black hair in ponytail. The term to describe it is cool beauty, a strong sense of responsibility and caring personality. She is popular in the underclassman and a part of the tea ceremony club. She will be the student council president next year if it goes well. However, it doesn’t look like next year will come.

The zombie apocalypse happened at lunch break. The tea ceremony have a special routine to eat lunch in their clubroom. In a school that is famous as princess school, tea ceremony is also becoming part of the general class so it was larger than usual. It have a bathroom, simple kitchen, lounge and allowed to be freely used by the club member. However the location is quite far from the main building is the probkem.

Anba is having lunch with his younger sister Azuri and three other person. This is their daily routine as the tea ceremony club member. Even if it’s quite a distance from the main building, it is comfortable to eat here. They always come there everyday to eat.

They are about to come back to the main building when they heard scream and sound of breaking glass. There are some students who act “funny” in the courtyard. They aren’t dumb to know they behaving like zombie. They decided to return to the teahouse first. Anba is trying to call the school using the intercom but all the signal is busy. She even tried to use her cellphone but the network isn’t available. Mail also couldn’t be sent. As the oldest and smartest from the group, she closed the windows and before the situation is safe they won’t leave.

The tea room is quite far so barely any zombie passed by. They noticed the situation and survived so far from the sweet snack to accompany tea.

However the fifth day changed everything. The zombies become more aware and because of the sound of water, they noticed someone is inside. Out of the five people, three people was bitten, one underclassman was bitten and becomes a zombie. The next one bitten is Anba friend however she died when she vomitted a large amounts of blood. The zombie attacker was only one and two with their turned friends. They managed to repel them by crushing their head using anything they could find, chair, pan, kettle, and thankfully that’s it. However the broken windows where the zombie comes in couldn’t be fixed. The stench of blood also thick. They didn’t dare to go outside.

The night came so they decided to hide under the flooring of the tea house. Because it was a Japanese style, there’s a room in between the floor and the wooden base where the tatami is laid out. There are three girls hiding. Anba, Azuri and the last one is Yu Kisaragi. She is a childhood friend of Anba and always stick close to her. They hugged closely under the floor and right now Azuri have a high fever. She is the last one that is bitten.


A sound of a zombie approaching can be heard. They were all trembling under the floor.

“I wonder if brother get my mails. Will he really come? I don’t even know if he is still alive.”

Anba hugged Yu and Azuri. Anba and Yu is trying hard to hide their presence. Meanwhile, Azuri breathing is slowly returning to normal. Her temperature has cooled down. She slowly opened her eyes and under the darkness. It’s glowing.

4 comments on “ZM ch 12

  1. What is wrong with the mc. He has sex with zombies for like what 4 days before contacting family members!? And pride of a “brother” lol, you lost that when you decided to engage in necrophilia instead of finding out if your sister was safe you piece of sh!t of an mc.

    • Listen the message was just received due to being out of range. Last time I checked the girl has parents. Plus he is coming to save her now.

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