ZM ch 13

Zombie master chapter 13 – words


A hoarse voice is coming out from Azuri.

Her eyes in the dark is brightly glowing in red. Anba and Yu know what it means.



They understand they couldn’t speak loudly because there’s a zombie nearby but, does Azuri turned into a zombie?


Azuri suddenly roared like a wild beast. It is enough for the two to consider she has turned into a zombie.


The two realized the moment Azuri let out a sound, her position is in danger. What’s more there’s another zombie outside.


The flooring was crushed by a hand near their location. The scream from Azuri clearly have lured the one which is searching for them.

They quickly crawled and trying to get out from beneath the floor. They looked back and saw a pair of gleaming red eyes peeking from the hole.

They don’t even have the strength to scream. They must escape immediately. However when they get out from beneath, their leg lost it’s power. They have crouched down for almost two hour below the floor and it is possible for their legs to have cramp because of sudden movement. As if giving a horror, the pursuing zombie is approaching near.

“Club president..”

The zombie infront of their eyes is the tea ceremony club president. If things goes well Anba will take over her position next year. Her name is Terashima. Her face didn’t shiw any sign of gentle smile that she used to have and just looking at them expressionless.

Anba and Yu hugged each other. Their body are trembling. They are waiting for their end. As Terashima coming closer, they tightly closed their eyes.

However that decisive moment never come. Terashima hand never reached them.


Anba gather her courage and opened her eyes. There he saw Azuri holding Terashima.

“Azuri.. Are you helping us to escape?”

Anba is hoping for a reply but Azuri is showing the same blank face as Terashima.

“Anba-senpai.. Should we flee now?”

“It’s dangerous to run away aimlessly. We don’t know how many zombie out there. Maybe, Azuri will protect us here.”

Even if she said that, there’s no guarantee that Azuri will help them in the future. There’s even a chance for her to attack Anba. However Anba wanted to believe in her sister.

Azuri couldn’t move and keep holding Terashima.

Should Anba remained here or run away?

While Anba couldn’t decide a sound of door slammed open and footstep from a man running could be heard.

“Anba! Azuri! Are you here?”

Takumi reached the school guided by the GPS and when he visit their school in cultural festival, he remember they were a member of tea ceremony club. Therefore he could find this place.


Anba shout with lots of mixed emotion. She didn’t think it was possible for her brother to come.

The first thing that Takumi saw when he arrived is Anba hugging another girl, Azuri also doing the same thing but she is holding someone back.

Takumi bit his lips when she aware that Azuri eyes and the girl she holding is red.


Despair fiil his heart. He was late. It’s his fault for not coming earlier. But somehow, why is she holding back another zombie?

“Azuri.. What happened to you..”


Takumi couldn’t believe what he heard. There’s a rumour about flying zombie, huge zombie and other type on the net. He couldn’t believe in those rumour but he couldn’t even believe that Azuri just spoke. There’s no one mentioning a talking zombie.

(TL note: oh no.. Zombie type spoiler?)

“Anba.. And. Uh..”

“Kisaragi Yu-chan. She’s Azuri friend.”

“I see. Anba and Kisaragi, stay here. I’ll take Azuri and the other zombie outside to make sure it’s safe.”

“Okay.. But, Onii-chan. It’s dangerous.”

“Don’t worry I’m already get used to it. I can prove it by coming here safely from my apartment.”

Anba could only nods while looking at Takumi anxiously.

“Azuri, come with me outside while keep holding her.”

It is a simple instruction but Takumi didn’t know if it will works to Azuri. Afterall she could speak. Takumi then look out first for other zombie while waiting for Azuri to come out.

“Oni.. Chan…”

Azuri comes out but she walks slowly. Anba also approaches him.

“Brother, Azuri is…”

“I have told you to wait inside. Anyway, who is she? The one Azuri is holding.”

“It’s the tea ceremony club president.”

Yu is the one answering on behalf of Anba. They finally returned from their shocked state.

“If that’s the case I will release her in a remote area.”

“What, isn’t that dangerous Onii-chan?”

“Don’t worry. Trust me. You two wait here alright.”

Takumi strokes her head and comes out of the tea house with Azuri. After they moved pretty far from the tea house, he check their surrounding to make sure nobody is around.

“Azuri that’s enough. You could release her.”

When she heard that, her grip lossened. If it was any other human, the club president could jumped and attack him. Because there’s only Takumi and Azuri, she stayed still too.

“Alright, please stay here.”

Takumi first go to examine Azuri. He reaffirm that her eyes is red. There’s a bite scar on the arm. He concludes that indeed she has turned into a zombie. Her face also expresionless. However, there’s something that makes her special.


She can speak. She could repeat her words instead of zombie’s meaningless groan voice.

She also keep calling him brother. It is indicatung that Azuri is able to recognized him. Judging from zombie could do instruction based on their habit when still alive, it is possible that she retained her memory when she is still alive.

“Hey, are you perharps still have your consciousness Azuri?”

Takumi grab her shoulder and asked. However she is just looking at him with a blank expression.

“If you are still have your consciousness please nod. If your understand my words, please nod.”

Takumi is waiting for her reply with expectation however she keep silent.

“This is bad.”

Takumi is feeling sad. Just thinking he couldn’t see her carefree smile again, tears come out naturally.

He first want to check his family safety and neglects it while he is playing around. If only he search for them sooner. He who was keeping of his own safety inside his room. He blamed himself. If only he decided to leave his apartment one day earlier.

However the milk has been spilled. Nothing can change the flow of time.

“Onii….. Chan….”

Takumi surprised by Azuri. She was gripping his body and making sure that he couldn’t flee. She move her hand towards his nether area and gently stroking his private trough the fabric.


Altough zombie didn’t attacked him, sometimes zombie just come running after him. He didn’t know their intention. As long as he remember. Many woman zombie is trying to approach him with unknown intention. He didn’t instructed them and asked them to stand still. Maybe if he didn’t stop them they are going to do what Azuri is doing right now.

What Azuri is doing right now…

She was…

“That’s not good. Azuri.. Stop!”

Hearing his words, Azuri stopped.

“Is that.. What they’re trying to do is….. But I’m not sure. For now, Azuri, wait here.”

Takumi wiped his forehead eventhough he is not sweatinf. But his heart is beating hard. He has to shift his gaze and it fall not far from her.

There’s a beautiful girl. She is not pretty as Anba or Azuri but still pretty. Maybe it was because her blank face. If only she was normal, she could steal many man heart.

“Come here…”

From days before, Takumi noticed that his sexual desire is abnormal. Just by a simple touch from Azuri, it was already hard, cramped in his pants and painful.

“It would be bad if I comes up like this in front of Anba and Kisaragi.”

If Anba and Kisaragi saw the tent in his pants, what would their reaction be?

“Azuri, sit down and face the other way.”

With takumi instruction, she turned her bosy and sit down.

After he said that, he drag Terashima and make her kneel.

A zombie that go to the same school as her sister. Altough he feel guilty but at the same time his lust is uncontrolable.

She unleashed the uncomfortable feeling in his pants.

“Please give me a fellatio.”

He only said that. It is also to determine wether she have sexual knowledge or not. Afterall the elementary student couldn’t completed this.


Takumi is now sucked and a vulgar sound is made in the process. She was taking it all deep and then let it out. Putting it in again then letting it out. It was called Hyottoko Blow.

While it was planted deep, her tingue is swirling. Sending shivers to Takumi.


As she took it out, she put it in again with a slurping sound because of the wetness from saliva. It was slimy and a chill wind can be feel when it was taken out and wind blew on it.

“You did a good job.”

Takumi don’t want to go back to the tea house this early. He need to take care of something that is standing up. He pushed Terashima towards a tree and bend her back. Her hand is touching the trees while her bottom is facing Takumi. Her privates is already wet. No matter how many times Takumi saw it, he still feel amazed.

Without waiting, in one movement, he planted it deep.

For students from all female private school, only low number of students have a boyfriend. Whatsmore engaged in sexual activity. This is the first time, her privates recieved a man.

“Ugh… This tightness…”

Feels like a child’s. He remember the elementary student’s and she was on the same level of tightness. However, every time he move, it is as if sucking him in.

“Sploch.. Sploch…”

Takumi gets nore excited than usual. Her waist and leg even lifted from the ground at some thrust.

It was wet and wrapping Takumi’s completely.

The feeling of it sucking in, tightening and wetness, it won’t be long before Takumi reach his limit.

“Ugh… I’m at my limit..”

He is on the edge.. However, his eyes saw Azuri is watching him doing indecent things.


The moment he said that, he released white liquid vigorously inside. He pull it out quickly at the sight of his sister but it makes a mess out of it. It was running down on his member.

Takumi feel numb while the warm white fluid is running down and Azuri with blank expression approaching.

She kneeled infront of him and as if there’s a magnet, she is attracted to Takumi’s nether area.


Unlike before, this time it was a feeling of tongue running over. Licking white fluid gently. When it finally enters the mouth..

It was warm… Different from the coldness earlier. It enhance the pleasure he is feeling.

“Slurp… Oni… Chan… Slurp..”

Takumi is greeted by a gentle voice. He grabbed her shoulder naturally and without any force in it.

After a couple minutes, he is already ‘cleaned’ and Azuri took it out from her mouth.


However, Azuri keep silent…

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    • When I read this I imagine a guy just finishing (himself) with a background of flowers, yellow and pink, wiping the sweat of his face then saying “that was good”. PG-13 Anime style.

  1. Wow so he kept some morals th o ugh i m surprised he has family since he didn’t even try to check on them for the first ten chapters

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