ZM ch 15

Just from the title you know it is 18++

15 fellatio festival ◯


Yu expression is grim. In a short period of time the zombie apocalypse occurred, a close friend has turned into one. Takumi also experienced being attacked by his mother so he know the feelings. His younger sister also turned into a zombie but he couldn’t show anxiety as an adult of 24 years old.

Takumi also feel sad with various things inside his mind.

“We.. What should we do now? ”

Yu asked but Takumi knows that right now no one in this world could answer that.  Still the feeling of wanting to hear something relieving is there.

” Now we’re going to survive. The 3 of us, no 4. There is also the fence and because it was high they couldn’t look inside. In other words it is reducing the risk of zombie approaching. ”

Because it was a princess school, the fence is high to prevent crime from outsiders. It also prevented zombje from the outside. Altough it wasn’t a fort but it was sufficient. Still there is a danger of zombies attacking Anba and Yu could be eliminated by Takumi.

” because this tea house is secluded from the main building, the possibility of zombies coming here is even lower. Thanks to that I think we could survive.

Still Takumi need to do something about Azuri. He couldn’t stay forever here.

“But if there is no more food, we couldn’t stayed forever. ”

” I know what you’re trying to say. We couldn’t stayed here too long. We need to find a better and secure location from time to time. ”

Japan have some facilities and shelter that the JSDF used as a base and set up a perimeter. However the number is small and the main reason Takumi doesn’t want to go there is because of Azuri.

” I will get some food from the convenience store and supermarket. Since i’m used to it, I will do it as soon as possible. ”

The main concern is securing food. In the future vegetables and livestock will be reduced more and more. Now he also need to feed Anba and Yu. He also didn’t know if he could do some farming. Because of the zombie apocalypse, he still doesn’t know if the soil is contaminated. There is also a chance that the animal may become the zombie virus carrier or turned into a zombie animal. So for now vegetables and livestock is not a safe source of food.

Altough drinking water is also dangerous, but Yu and Anba have drinked tap water because they were locked down in the tea house. Luckily they didn’t get infected but from now on we will try to drink distilled bottled water or boiling them.

“It was just a basic plan but you can leave it to me. If you believe in me I’ll try my best to protect Yu-chan. ”

As Takumi words is lacking any support, it can be considered as consolation only for Yu. However it could bring some hope for Yu.

” I will rely on you then Onii-sama. ”

” leave it to me. ”

Takumi make a strong pose to show his muscle by bending his left arm upward and tapped it with his right hand. Altough it wasn’t muscular but it was a good pose .

” Oh, Yu-chan, is there a map of this school? I may want to check out some things. ”

” Well,  there is one in the student handbook. ” Yu from her breast locket took out a student handbook and pass it to Takumi.

Takumi nods while looking at the map.

” Are you going to search the school? ”

” Yes.. I will. ”

Yu then clung to the arm of Takumi.

” it’s useless! Are the students have become zombies, just from the number alone it was dangerous.. ”

Takumi releases her hand gently and make a clumsy smile.

” It’s alright. I have a lot of experience. I’ve done this many times,  and.. ”

Takumi wouldn’t be attacked by zombie. Even when walking with Yu to her house,  no zombie is even opening their mouth. The only danger is from Yu’s mother. It also gives her some trauma.

” If the situation gets back I will back down. ”

Takumi somehow convinced Yu and them explore the school building.

Takumi firstly dispatched the zombie along the way to the school gate. He ordered not to let other zombie comes in. If the zombie in the gate is a lot, it is also reducing the number of human coming in. Rather than adding more human, using zombie is more efficient,  no time,  effort, or resources spent. It also have intimidating effect.

While doing so, he has reached his destination. There are rooms that he want to check. The infirmary , computer room, shower room. The infirmary and shower room is on first floor while the computer room is on the second floor.

When he nearing the school buding,  the number of zombies indeed increases. In a mixed of middle and high school, it exceed a thousand easoly.

The building he visit is the high school and should have around six hundreds people. Taking into consideration that it was lunch time and the majority is in the cafeteria, maybe three hundreds zombies are inside. However he also didn’t know how muh turned into a zombie and how much dies like his mother.

Takumi will be busy regardless.

First, he cleared the first floor from zombie. He saw two bed in the infirmary, it could be used for Anba and Yu.

Then hr goes around each classroom, cleared zombie until the third floor of counseling room. Most of the zombie was in the classroom and he ordered them to clean up the dead body. He ordered the dead to be carried to the flower beds. He wanted to give them lroper burial but he needs to find a scoop and waste a lot of time so he refrain from doing that.

When the sky is turning bright, he already finished organizing the zombie inside. There is also no survivors found in the process. He thought maybe someone barricaded the roof but there is only three zombie on top.

He went back to the infirmary. There is no shutter but it makes him able to see the schoolyard. Looking at his work, he feel satisfied in organizing the zombies.

“This is amazing. ”

He then decided to go to the counseling room. He have prepared a reward for himself.

Inside the room, the desks and chairs have been gathered in one place making it wide enough for 18 schoolgirls zombie. They all naked just with a word from Takumi. He loves seeing them in sailor suit but the desire to see them naked is bigger.

The eighteen girls, no one dyed their hair. Their breast were is different sizes but no one have a bad figures. There are some mark of being bitten by zombie but other than that their skin was smooth. Furthermore the eighteen girls were carefully picked by Takumi.

“Every single one of them is beautiful indeed. ”

When it comes to this, no one have better knowledge of what to do. Takumi was naked and he ordered the girls to circled him, lined up, and kneeled down. Opening their mouth and given an instruction to lick the ice candy.

It was a wierd instruction but everyone of them realize what he mean. They were waiting with their mouth opens, waiting for him. It increased his lust.

He stand in front of the most beautiful girl first. Se has a thick eyebrows and her face is turning into an adult charm with a hint of childishnes remained. With long hair flowing down to her waist, it was a long-haired beauty. He doesn’t bothered to find out her name. He want tk know something better.

He stick his member in her mouth. Slowly cold tongue began to lick Takumi’s. She pull it out while sucking and pulling in while moving her tongue. Each time, a sensual sound of splashing water resounded.

“It wasn’t that good .. ”

It was like a bees trying to find the best petal out of the eighteen flowers. Of course he was the bee. He took it out from the long haired  beauty mouth but she pull Takumi back by the waist. He decided to hit the girl lightly in the forehead. It caused her to released him and in a backwards arch, when it was disconnected, a water stream like a spider thread was spit out.

He then look for another flower. It was an intellectual beauty in glasses. She has bangs in front and her back hair is shoulder length. He named her chairman zombie. Chairman swallow him slowly. Her cheeks was like a balloon, swells and she lick the tip little by little.

“Whoa.. This is unexpected.. ”

The feel of his member touches the innerside of her mouth is new but the sight of swelling cheek was amazing. It clearly shows that her mouth is being tainted.

The third one is a girl with curly short hair. Cute, and her posture was athletic. He then calls her as athlete. Athlete, is squeezing her mouth and causing her cheek to inflates. She used it to move it out and in.

“It was unfamiliar feeling.. But not bad. ”

Feeling a little unsatisfied with her movement, he move his hips until it reached her throat. If it was normal human she may be gagged but since it was zombie, he doesn’t have to worry. He pull it out while massaging her slightly small chest.

The fourth one hair is semi-long, slightly drooping eyes but her breast was large. She has a grown up look that makes you feel calm. He called her big sister . From the girls she have an older sister feel. However the calm face is turning wild.

When he put it in,  strong sucking sound is heard. Her hand was playing wild in his bottom. Her tongue is crawling as if alive. It was one of the best.


“She… Amazing… ”

His lust is now sky-high from threr girl’s mouth earlier. Under this big sister vortex mouth and skillful tongue, he want to let it out.

” She is experienced. I was decieved by her appearance, she is a slut. ”

Big sister name was revised into slut. Even when he take it out, she wasn’t willing to let go. He was unexpectedly let it out.

However when he take it out, it wasn’t softened. His sexual desire in the past few days were abnormal.

The fifth one is a small girl with glasses, the moment he saw her he called  her litterature girl. Her expressionless face is normal but when she was alive it may send a cold beauty vibe. Fearful to even look at her.

Her mouth was amazing. She took it in fast and released it slowly. It was a strong pressure that wrapped him completely. She is drowning him in pleasure.


“Such amazing and deep… ”


He need to take it out fast before it was too late. He then move to the next.

The sixth one is the smallest. Her hair was really short like a kappa. He was surprised to knoe that she was on the third grade of high school. He named her kappa. She was only taking the tip and kisssing it while using her hand to stimulate the rest.

*smooch smooch*

The kiss stimulation is comparable to a normal fellatio but it was different.

“ugh.. This is good.. ”

Takumi stroking her head showing his satisfaction. He then decided to move on.

The seventh and eighth girl was twin. They are identical and indistinguishable. The only differences is one hair tailed on the right and the other on the left. He will call them right and left tail.

“Do it together.. ”

Takumi stand between them and put his hand behind their head. Leading them to his lower half. The two girls began to lick his left and right side. Their tongue crawling and the feeling was enhanced. Altough it wasn’t the first time being serviced by two people at the same time but their identical face increased the excitement.

Takumi member is now hard and numb.

The ninth one is like a noble princess. The skin was fair but the glossy hair and strong eyes glowing. Hair falls to her chest with fluddy wave starting from around the cheek. Nicely trimmed bangs shows her young beauty. He called him princess from her looks.

Takumi rammed it in inside her mouth.  She doesn’t have any resistance and she isn’t using her tongue. Maybe she is inexperienced.  However nasty sound resounded from his fast hip movement.

Her salive was dripping, leaking and overflowing to the floor.

“Huff. Huf..  Aaah… ”

The sight of his member shiny because of the saliva is visually erogenous. The feeling of coming out and in inside her mouth is like having sex itself. He pushed it deep inside her and spit out his white liquid. The amount was too much for her to swallow.

“Haah.. Haaa.. That was good.. ”

He is stroking the princess head and neck.

” That was nine.. Finally half of it.. ”

There are still a lot of mouth open and kneeling. Half done but still half more to go.

He finished with the rest of them and let it out twice more on the second round. Finally he feel a little bit fatigued.

He ordered the girls to clean their mouth and finally when it was finished he left the school and returned to the tea house.

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