ZM ch 16

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Takumi returned to the tea house and Anba with Yu already asleep. He also confirmed that Azuri is guarding the tea house at the entrance. He then decides to go to the facilities around the school .

He go to the second gymnasium. He goes from another passage extending from the school main building.  There is no zombie on sight but Takumi proceed eith cautious. He want to make sure the road to the infirmary and the second gymnasium is safe.

“Woah.. The shower room is bigger than I expected. ”

Altough it was a private bath, but it could hold up to six people at the same time.

When the gym class is over, it eliminates the possibility of you lining up to take a shower before the next class.

He checked that the hot water is still running then checked the inside of the gymnasium. It was lunch break when the zombie apocalypse occured. Ten zombies in gym clothes is found. Fortunately there is no corpse anywhere. Then he choose some that he like to go to the counseling room and the others to the classroom.

“It ends quicker than I thought. ”

He secured the second gymnasium then heads to the basketball field.

He played around and take a distance of half the field. He throw the ball and it flew foreard with unexpected speed. Before, he didn’t have enough strength to throw a three pointer. Right now, the ball thrown with one hand is missing the board but hit the wall vigorously. The soumd of ball bouncing around even echoes with a loud bang.

“Is my body becomes stronger? ”

He take the ball again an tried to do a dunk.

This time he jumped and with ease he surpassed chest height.

” I feel that I’m not a human anymore…  What am I? ”

He goes back to the shower room and look at the mirror hurriedly.

Thanks God tha his pupil isn’t red in the slightest. He atares himself in the mirror and remained silent for a while.  His face is still normal. Then he shook his head.

” I am Hiiro Takumi. I am human… ”

Then he finished his work before the noon. He then lead Anba and Yu.

At first they were affraid but he guaranteed their safety. They walked with Takumi and surprised not even a zombie come into their sight.

” I have found a secure pathway since the zombie is at distant area. It is safe. ”

The two delighted to saw some bed in the infirmary. It was’t bad sleeping on the tatami but a bed is wat better.

” we will move here in a few days and make it our base. If you want to go to the toilet, I can accompany you. If not, always go there with two people, never alone. When yoj finished, quickly returned back. ”

Takumi knows the school is a good place as a base and convenient, the two girls just nod in agreement.

Now, he wanted to secure food. There is no cooking facilities in the infirmary. It was possible to cook noodles with some electric kettle but it is unhealthy to keep eating instant noodle.

They could use the cooking chamber in another building if he tried to extend their range of movement.  However it is still dangerous for the girls. It wasn’t a problem if he moved alone but he is with Anba and Yu. Anba is his littlr sister and as an adult he need to protect Yu.

Because there is so much to do so his actions is limited.  Anyway, now he need to keep the girls physical condition on check. Their heart takes some damaged and cracked mentally, so he need to stabilize and cheer them.

He wanted to lift their spirit by letting them take a shower.

“Whoa.. Shower.. ”

” Thank you brother.. Even in this situation, my body can really use this to stay beautiful. ”

It was normal because they haven’t take a bath for five days. Using cloth and water to wipe the body still have a limit. They also didn’t use any soap so they are affraid if there is a smell.

” I’ll keep guard at the entrance. If there’s something wrong just shout and I’ll come in. ”

(TL note: sorry guys the author said this chapter is for building mood. Keep your dirty thoughts for the next chapter lol)

It was Anba, Yu and Azuri that comes in. Anba takes care of her although she is now a zombie. She wanted to clean her important sister.

Soap, shanpoo, rubbing scrub, is all there. The two girls is smiling a little to be able to remove the dirt from their body after a long time.

“..? ”

Anba undressed Azuri but she noticed something. Anba and Yu body started to smell but Azuri didn’t have a body odor at all.

She was thinking that zombie should be smelly and rotten. Her skin doesn’t smell even after four days and the skin was beautiful. Anba skin on the other hand has  been rougher than usual because of the tension and stress. The wound from the zombie also isn’t visible if not for some dry blood. She doesn’t look different at all compared to the usual. However when they take the shower together, the expressionless Azuri makes her feel a little bit of sadness.

The girls even washed their underwear using the shower. Because there isn’t a washing machine, they did it with hand and using soap. Dirty underwear was a serious matter for girl. Since they didn’t have any spare underwear, they wear nothing until it dried.

(TL note: oh no.. No pantsu in the next chapter?)

Then they decided to wear jersey for the moment. They took it from the school necessity shop however they feel guilt for not paying.

“It’s just an emergency situation. In the future you can pay if the situation is better. ”

He also need something to deceive them and gives hope. After the girls finished, it was Takumi turn to take shower.

Then they turn back to the infirmary to sleep. Takumi also take a short nap. He was told to take more sleep by Anba but three hours is all he need. After three hours he feel bis strength has recovered and his physical condition is good. Then he tried to look for information from his smartphonr. He take his charger with him so he doesn’t have to worry about the battery level.

He also asked for the computer password from the girls. It was easier to look information from PC on the second floor than using phones.

The three of them then look for the state of world. Tokyo, zombie, and any useful information. Hoeever it was progressing slowly. The new thing Takumi find out is that the chance of being turned into a zombie is bigger on woman. Altough no precise statistic but it seemed that it was true.

The chances of man turned into a zombie is lower and more likely to be a corpse. Takumi nods and remember what he saw. It was definitely true. The corpses is a man’s most of the time.

Since Takumi always looking for a lot of zombie with good appearance, he noticed that there is a lot of women zombie than men.

The men zombie said to be abnormal and will mutated. Some said about a muscular zombie with abnormal strength. Mutation only occured on man zombie. However the debate is still not convincing without proven theory.

On the other hand, on forums, people is coming to their end. Food stock has been running out. There are some people trying to secure food during the day with such hardship.

Anba and Yu seeing such writing feel lucky. The worst isn’t happened to them. However it happened on earth, despair and hopeless.

Then, Takumi went outside gathered some food and drinks from thr convenience store. Even some underwear. Anba and Yu then began to learn tk appreciate for Takumi work.

Anba have a strong feeling of respect for her brother that “she could rely on”. Yu also started to see him in a different light.

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  2. This is confusing, last chapter yui was was sister with azuri zombie sister. At the end you have anba as his sister tho instead of friend. Which is it?

  3. Wonder if Yumi and Co. are looking for him? Also, why do I get the feeling it would be really really bad if he had intimate relations with the living….. 🙂

    • Biologically speaking there is no virus that can attack haploid cells, there is some bacteria who can live in the seminal liquid but the synopsis says it’s a mutated family of virus

      • I don’t understand what you say but it’s common knowledge that HIV is transmitted by blood and SEX.

    • New chapter is out, yeah he got that embarrassing moment of being caught red-handed in the midst of zombie orgy . Snowfallsdown how are you able to get so detailed and high quality with MT, it gives me headache to just get what’s approximately is going on.

  4. ” I am Hiiro Takumi. I am human… ” You aint human! A human would have checked on the saftey of loved ones. I don’t care zombie master is about sex, I will nevah let this fact slide!

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