ZM ch 17

Chapter 17 –  festival night part 1

(TL note: you will be happy when you realized this is part 1)

Ps:this time it was highly dangerous. Please don’t read it if you have a weak heart.

It was the sixth night of the apocalypse. While Anba and Yu is sleeping, Takumi moves out.

He walk around the school vicinity to confirm if there is no zombie around. Then he go to a nearby convenience store to find food. It was almost empty. There must be other survivor too.

There was corpses of zombie around. Maybe the survivor put up some resistance. Takumi was a bit happy for the fact that there are other survivor.

However food will be the next problem but Takumi could move around at night leisurely different from regular human. He didn’t take too much. Just eough to fill his backpack. He didn’t move back and forth to emptied it. It wasn’t a kindness but trying to see if other people could survive in this situation using their own ability.

If he took all the food for his survival only, he feel guilty. If he lost in greed, he may won’t forgive himself.

We don’t know how long we could keep raiding convenience store. Because the supply was finite. There will be the limit in the future.

“At the least I will take only what we needed.”

He is back to school while thinking such thing. After confirmong that the two girls were asleep, he go to the room next to it to store his luggage. Afterwards he move to the third floor to channels his libido. Once again a banquet in the counseling room will happen.

The number of girls have been increased by one from eighteen to nineteen. It’s a strange spectacle to see everyone was stark naked. Of course this time the party won’t ended by mouth service only.

(tL note: ohohohoh are you ready? Keep your junior in place or let him free! Please be prepared)

This time the girls were lined up. Just the sight of nineteen naked girls lined up is arousing. In the middle of the room, a soft mat used in gymnastic class has been prepared.

“Alright, you are the first one! ”

It was a girl with semi-long hair, big breast and slighlty drooping eyes. Her nickname is big sister which then revised to slut because her amazing fellatio technique.

She is suitable for a warm-up. Her bug breast is bell shaped rather than the ordinary round. The front facing marbles on her chest was curved up like a mountain. It appear to be sagging but the tension of youth keep it in its place, it might be caused by the size.

He touched her skin and the feel of something cold is transmitted. It wasn’t sticky with sweat nor dried up, but the tenderness may surpass ordinary human. He continued rubbing and massaging her chest. He didn’t caused the shape to be distorted, moreover the softness and suppleness can still be felt. The marbles on her chest is pale pink and some part are hidden. Takumi pinched a bit using his finger to reveal the remaining parts.

When he touched it, slut’s body trembles a little.  Altough zombie under his order won’t move, but sometimes sexual stimulation will cause them to somehow react.

“It is wet after all.. ”

His hand is now already on her nether area. For a human, it will be warm. But for zombie it is onky lukewarm water, like a pool in the middle of summer.

Takumi wanted to enter his finger before something stopped him.

” This is?! ”

He was surprised then ordered slut to spread her leg. There is a thin membrane which is giving a proof of her unexplored body. It was a thin layer of white membrane and Takumi know what it is.

” She is still a virgin? How can she be so experienced in giving a head? ”

His manhood immediately react. The term of high school, girl, and virgin when connected together will make any healthy man to directly imagining wild things.

He ordered her to lay down and prepared himself. He is entering her slowly and carefully cope a feel of breaking the hymen.

He is now inside her but it was still tight.

“Sorry, but now slut isn’t the right name to call you. I’ll call you erotic student! ”

We’re now is missionary position. Her expressionless face when swallowing all of my member inside her is contrassing to her lower half which is tightening and slowly adapting to the new intruder. It was wet and I feel a deep sensation like this could get me addicted.

“Sploch.. Sploch… ”

I started to move like a piston and enjoyed the damp sound. I hold her waist while looking ay her face. Altough it was expressionless but it was still a sight to behold.

” Put your hands behind my neck. ”

At the voice of Takumi, erotic student arms opened slowly and hugging his neck as if he was her lover. It makes Takumi lower body becomes increasingly hot. The tension is rising and her lower member is enveloping his completely. He is starting to feel her lower mouth is massaging and as if it was alive, it is sending strong waves of pleasure.

“This is dangerous.. The feeling.. ”

Then finishing touch was when Takumi feel that something is sucking from deep inside her. In a sudden he was forced to release his white liquid inside her. It was shot deep down into her.

” This child tecnique is really amazing.. How could she be this experienced while being inexperienced at the same time? ”

He is now sinking in pleasure and gives her a satisfaction smile.

When he takes it out, it hasn’t soften a bit. How could he? Afterall infront of him eighteen remaining girls is ready.

The next in line is the twins. He ordered them to show their bottom to him by crawling on all four. The inky difference between them is the alignment of their hair tail. One is to the right and one to the left. Their lovely lower mouth is secreting slovenly love juice.

Without wait he inserted it into the right sided hair tail in doggy style. There’s a feeling of breaking the hymen so he need to stop a bit. The tightening muscle is still adjusting. In the mean time, he explored her smooth and skin back using his arm. His hand finally rested on her waist before lifting it up a little bit so he could enter his thing fully inside her.

He take it out and do the same thing to her twins. The left sided hair tail gives him a similar feelings. However the left sided tail is more tight while the right side tail is more soft and enveloping.

To enjoy the difference, he inserted alternately between the two.

He did it while holding their breast on his arm. The size was smaller than his palm and he was dissapointed a bit. However when his hand pinched the pink marbles, their lower mouth is wrapping him like a glue.

“It is tightening like crazy! ”

The sight was amazing. Everytime he go in and out inside the twins, some love juices was leaking and fall down to the floor. A small puddle of love juice is formed below them.

It is arousing him and sending Takumi near his limit.

” ugh… I’m coming… ”

He send his own love juice inside the left side tail but before he ran out of it, he put it in inisde the right side tail. It wasn’t as tight as her twins but the enveloping feeling is slowly sucking out the remaining. When he takes it out, he enjoyed seeing the view of his white liquid leaking out from the two.

Then he moves towards the zombie he found in the gym. She has short hair which cover her ears and the bangs hid her eyebroes. Her eyed was large and shr is taller than Takumi. She could be a basketball team member so she will be named basketball girl or basket for short.  (tl note: his naming sense is godclass lol)

She was tall so the curves of her waist can be seen perfectly. Her bottom was quite large but her breast is smaller than hr have hoped. But she was cute so it doesn’t matter.

Takumi lie down on the mat and asked her for mouth service. Afterall three people wjll soften his member. Her cute appearance and the erotic sight of her sucking him is incredible.

It doesn’t takes long before his member become hard again with the sound of wet licking sound.

Takumi is lying down and ordered her to do the rest. Altough she failed to put it in for several time, but when she succeed, her expression is priceless. She was gaping and blinking for several times when her waist has been seated. He is glad that they are all zombie. If they are still alive, he doesn’t know how long it takes before they stop feeling hurt from the first time receiving his hard thing.

He is trying to move  his hip before deciding that it is better to let her do the rest. She put both of her hands on Takumi chest and moves her hips. She is like dancing on top of her. Everytime he moves back and forth, his member penetrated into her deepest part. Takumi could feel that it wasn’t being wrapped by the feeling , it almost becomes a pinching feeling.

Her athletic body caused her to be able to tighten her muscle tightly. And accompanying her movements, the thightening was being done with a constant rhythm. She was moving without being tired and she is trying hard to gives him pleasure.

(tl note: this last part… Darn the author!)

While such spectacle unfolds, outside the counseling room, stood a figure. Yu is looking at that with a hushed breath. She wake up in the middle of the night because she wanted to pee. However seeing Takumi moved somewhere, she followed him out of curiosity. She didn’t hesitate to followed him upstairs.

She saw him entered the counselling room and she doesn’t back down. She only pushed the door open a bit so she could peek inside and unnoticed by Takumi.

In the darkness, she saw nineteen naked girls. She saw what he done and as if she is forgetting how to breath, she saw Takumi climaxed again inside the basketball girl. Takumi voice which is full of pleasure resounded on her ears.

Without knowing that someone is watching him, Takumi is going to enjoy the rest of the girls.


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