ZM ch 18

Chapter 18- festival night part 2

I wonder how much time has passed.

More than a dozen girl lie down on the floor with white liquid flowing down inbetween their legs. Takumi feel endless vitality, although the interval between climax has been short but his lust never subsided.

The next target is a zombie nicknamed literature girl. With skin fair white and cute face wearing glasses. They are in a position called lotus. Where their chest touched each other but no movement can be seen. The first try was unsuccessful due to how tight it is. Therefore they just hugged each other, waiting for love juices to smoothen the operation.

“A….. ”

The literature girl groaned a bit when Takumi tried to move. Takumi could clearly hear her. The expressionless voice, a cold breath sensation on his shoulder, the feeling of the body which is deprived of heat, it was a pleasant feeling as if embracing a cold pillow.

“It is so comfortable hugging you. What’s more down there is very tight but wet. ”

When he said that, her lower mouth tighten. He doesn’t know if she reacted to his words or not but it is enough to bring him to the end.

The next target is long haired beauty. She has oriental beauty and if there is a pamphlet of the school, she will be the model. He doesn’t need long to recover. The excitement of tasting this beauty bring him back from soft to hard.

He entered her on missionary position. It becomes normal for him to break hymen now. Afterall of the dozen girls, they are all still virgin. He lift one of her leg and continue to move. Altough the feeling was a little cold bot it was unique and Takumi was completely addicted to it. More than that, the feeling of superiority of ravaging young and cute woman driving him mad.


This obscene sound can be heard and the girl is now gasping. Takumi clearly hear her and then he grabbed her waist. He lifted her waist a little bit to be able to move faster.

His movement caused the body of long haired beauty to move up and down. Her chest was following the rhythm and swaying with her. Just looking at the erotic scene motivating Takumi further.

*gutchu… Nuppuchu.. Junudju… *

“sploch.. Sploch.. ”

The obscene sound was resounded because his beast like movement.

All the girls lower mouth have different feeling. They have their unique traits. The shape, tightness, wetness, narrowness, while remembering all of that Takuni released his liquid into her deepest part.

Next is the smallest girl. Takumi have had it with elementary students but she doesn’t seemed to be bigger than them. She must be a junior high school student first grader. However her large chest clearly show that her body is developed. Her cuteness also makes her look like a doll.

Takumi only took the beauty and cute child for his partner. Of course it was obvious and it could clearly boosted his desire.

When he entered her petite body, he was surprised.

“what is this? ”

Something inside her seemed to be sucking him. It was the first time he feel this way. He keep pounding her while kissing her. After normal kissing, it turned into french kiss and then turned into tongue twister.

It doesn’t take long for him to release his liquid inside her due to the intense suction inside her.

Then the last victim is the zombie called princess. Her haistyle look very princesslike and her skin and hair is the best among them. He ordered her to do cowgirl position.

The princess stretched herself open and inserted Takumi member into her. There is a little pain when breaking her hymen but it gradually changed with pleasure.

*jupp.. Nuchu…nupu…zuchun…*

Takumi ordered her to move more vigorously and her love juice is overflowing. He couldn’t believe it was her first time. Her up and down breast is pleasing to the eye.

The sight of a beauty fully devoted herself to serve him is driving him mad.

“hah… Ha… Ugh… ”

Takumi grabbed her bottom to guide her movement. While watching the white lines on the other girls, he couldn’t hold it back. He released it inside her and soon white foam formed.


” Oh brother.. He looked so full of pleasure. ”

Yu wad watching the bizarre sight from the gap in the door. She was unaware that her left hand is on her chest and her right rested inbetween her leg. She doesn’t have enough knowledge but she have seen some pictures on the magazine. However this is her first time seeing a man’s member and a live sex scene.

She feel disgusted at the sight of zombie but when she look at Takumi, her disgust disappeared. Yu was watching seriously and didn’t noticed a zombie was coming. It was the zombie that is ordered to remain in the classroom however he forgot to give them order again. It was already a wonder that it could roam to the third floor.

“Gaaaa…. ”

The low groan of the zombie surprised her. It was only three meters away.

” Impossible . ”

She could only move back in reflex.

The moment her eyes look into the zombie gleaming red eyes, she couldn’t helped it but scream.

” Kyaaa.. ”

Takumi surprised and immediately move out. He was recovering himself but hearing that, her earlier sensual feeling turn into alert.

” is that Anba? ”

No, the scream was near. He opened the door in haste and he realized the situation.

” Stop! ”

The zombie then followed his order. Takumi quickly hugged the trembling Yu.

” Go back to the classroom and wait there! ”

At the words of Takumi, the zombie slowly turn its body and walk away.

” Are you alright? ”

” Yes.. Thank you.. ”

Takumi examined Yu body and make sure there is no wound. After that he gives a sigh of relief.

” Brother.. What happened? ”

Yu seemed to be confused. Of course she didn’t know that Takumi have a special ability.

Moments later, another scream can be heard. It wasn’t a scream full of fear like before. It was a shy scream.

The cause was when Yu line of sight was lowered. It was natural since Takumi is naked.

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