ZM ch 20

Chapter 20 – daily live

Takumi revealed his ability to Anba and Yu on the 5th night. Today it was already the 11th night. The three life has adjusted to their current situation. Whenever they are sleeping, Takumi always worried if there is an intruder , even with the number of the zombie guard, he still act vigilant.

They are also trying to gather information from the PC room, TV and radio . to cover the TV lights, the room with the TV was covered in cardboard.

“Everyone, don’t lost hope until the end.”

It was once broadcasted at the 7th night. There is also a message from the government on the radio saying that it was alright to take whatever you need from convenience stores, supermarket, grocery stores, even weapon.

The netizen however said it was the wrong decision. It could infact brings a crisis to humanity. The status of JSDF is right now securing water and electricity supply, it is to give a sense of security to the people. They also mentioned some emergency shelter location.

“the nearby shelter is in T-University.”

However the number of people gathered, the number of zombie will be coming for them.

“When I come here, I saw some of the road was in blockade and if there are really a lot of people sheltering there, soon supplies will be an issue.”

Of course in this kind of emergency situation, the government might be sending supplies by dropping it from the sky however the more people gathered, the sense of anxiety and fear will be bigger. Because the attack of zombie never stopped day and night. Just thinking at how you can be asleep when the sound of bullets can be heard all day long.

“I think it will be better if we stayed for the time being in here. Afterall the zombies are under my instruction.”

Afterwards Takumi once again walk around the school from the elementary to high school to find survivor although he found nothing. Anba and Yu on the other hand couldn’t move away because the feeling of their classmates turned into a zombie hunted them. Takumi also tried as hard as he can to minimize the chance to see a zombie roaming in the school.

When the night comes, it was the time for him to search for supplies. The zombie becomes more active and normal human doesn’t dare to go out at this time. He is searching for more supplies however Anba and Yu now goes with him. They are walking slowly because they are afraid in encountering another zombie. Anything that is coloured red scared them. The traffic light, emergenct light, they are afraid if it was the zombies eye. Takumi can only patted their head to calm them down.

Now, Takumi bring the girl because he wanted to minimize the chance his power known to other people. He could keep ordering the zombie to move the food and water but it will attract unknown risk. Now, only the girls and Azuri that can be considered as a safe companion.

“if you noticed anything wrong, tell me immediately.”

Takumi said it many times towards the girl. Whenever he was outside with them, there is a strong tension, he need to keep his guard up because at any moment it could turn fatal.

At some building eventually there is a “help” sign or “we are here” written on cloth. He can only look at them sadly. Anba is looking at him but he shook his head. Again, he is abandoning another life but it is more important to keep his own life and the girls and reduce the risk of his power being known.

“because it’s been harder to find food and daily commodities, I don’t think there will be many remaining survivor.” At the day, the survivor have to compete with each other and facing the zombie meanwhile in the night Takumi could freely secure goods. It wasn’t without any guilty feelings however he doesn’t have any choice.

Most convenience store is almost empty by now. On the other hand, department stores and supermarkets have lots of zombie inside. The risk is bigger than the chance of securing food. That’s why Takumi is the only one that could get inside.

“there’s not much reduced in the last few days.”

“maybe it was only us. If that is the case we can survive for about three months from these food.”

When they go back, each on of them is shouldering three large backpack.

“how about we use a car?”

“it is easy to find an abandoned car but I won’t do so.”

“why brother?”

“because in this condition, someone might now where we are going.”

Takumi believes, that for now the school is the safest place. It doesn’t attract to much attention and pretty safe. There is easy access to food from nearby stores. But still, staying in one place for too long wasn’t a good idea.

“maybe in another week or two week we will move away. There are several promising places for us but I will survey the place beforehand.”

Takumi believes that maybe little by little the government and the JSDF could fight back the zombie and limited their movement so, he might want to try to move to the JSDF base.

“anyway, we need to make two round trip for today.”

They diligently collected goods while taking short break between. Without long, dawn has arrived.

They get back to the school and have some food before taking a shower and go to sleep. The girls sleep for around eight hour while Takumi doesn’t need that long. He reorder the zombie to make sure no other human approaches them. He also look out of the school fence to see if another zombie come in.

He is clearly making a safe zone within the school.

Next, his sexual desire treatment is taken place in the career counseling room. Today, he decided to take three girls with hi. It was the slut, the big sister, and the erotic student. They are wearing their school uniform. Of course it was somehow different from naked and something is making him excited.

missing parts

That night, he finished it fast, he take a shower then go to the PC room to get updates on the current situation. He is also searching for potential building to be a new base. When the girls wake up, it was his turn to sleep. Of course he doesn’t need to take long sleep, even three hours is enough but the girls insisted him to take six hours sleep. Of course he obediently complies and the day come to a close.

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  2. The sentence:
    “Today, he decided to take three girls with hi. It was the slut, the big sister, and the erotic student”
    1st – Missing “m” from “him”
    2nd – slut/big sister/erotic student are all referring to the same girl.

    “Big sister name was revised into slut.” – ch.15
    “Sorry, but now slut isn’t the right name to call you. I’ll call you erotic student! ” – ch.17

    • Ok, got off my lazy butt and checked the raws. Here’s what it should be in summary:
      -He decide to do it with 2 or 3 girls
      -Author cuts short first 2 and starts describing the 3rd girl which is our slut/big sis/ero student

      Intentional or not, there’s supposed to be more than 5 paragraphs of H scenes between:
      “Next, his sexual desire treatment is taken place in the career counseling room.” or “次に、進路相談室へ行って性欲処理をする。”


      “That night, he finished it fast, he take a shower then go to the PC room to get updates on the current situation.” or “PC室でネットを巡回し、一分一秒ごとに更新される世界各国の様子や情報を集めながら、新たな拠点となる候補地を何度も精査する。”

      I’d like to add that a glance at google translate shows me the “That night, he finished it fast,” is not included in the raw.

      • That’s why I said that it was too short and it will leave a bad taste.. You could check the scene and for me, it was actually the author trying to put in some xx scene where he actually shouldn’t.. He is just trying to meet his 1 story chapter, 1 bj and 1 xxx.. That is his pattern if you look closer..

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