19 comments on “Master of Dungeon Chapter 15

  1. Someones gonna have to teach this kid how the world works eventually I feel like he may be manipulated if he doesn’t learn.

  2. thx for the mass release. but what’s with the sudden generosity? did u get lucky last night or sum thing? lol.
    anyway about the series.r u planning on making him some kind of goody two shoes that agree easily on some stranger’s word? what happen to revenge n blood? been reading a lot of ‘sweet’ stories lately,I need some dark shit.

  3. Thanks for the chapters.

    Corrections for future writing:

    “don’t allow the villager to (planted) vegetables.” (plant), “planted” is past tense and doesn’t work here in this sentence.

    (Fishes)* (Fish), You keep saying fishes but fishes refers to the action of fishing not the amount. Fish is both singular and plural in its use so there is no need for “es” at the end of fish.

    Look forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

      • Well its no problem not like it takes away from the story. Just some nitpicking on my part. Besides as you write the more you learn and the better u’ll get. It just takes people like me who nitpick to help you out some πŸ™‚

  4. I hardly doubt you being able to make me not not want to sleep without reading next chapter, lol, after all I always want to sleep and that can hardly change.

  5. Thank you very much I really like this series and my guess for what is going to happen next is the village is going to get greedy and they are going to try and take his land that can produce vegetables all year round.

  6. If I have to guess, there are 3 possibilities, but the most likely (I like it) is that the village is attacked by a bandit group, and for some reason, Varn was nearby and defeated the bandits

    PS: sorry for my English it is not my native language

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