20 comments on “TDADP chapter 61 v2

  1. dunno why but I can’t comment on the chapter page… anyway thx for the chapter. I’ve really miss this series.

    • ok by chance I found out why there were no comments. Explanation: there are two ways how you can edit a page -> with WP Admin (the better version) or simply by clicking edit on the page you want to work on (the version I almost never use), but only on the simple editor I found a checkbox which lets you disable/enable comments. Normally this checkbox was always marked, but I guess after the wordpress update some time ago, they changed it to making no comments the standard.

      Anyways tl:dr comments on the pages are back!

  2. thank finally real chapter and yet for some reason not updated in Mangaupdates, more over they make mistake Black Knight WN with Astarte Knight WN

  3. After that, Collet discarded her other job and focused on Yu.
    Word used “discarded” seem wrong, would suggest different word to fit context better like “finished” or something.

  4. I am bored, so I made this, how about using it as the Blog avatar (Blavatar/Favicon)? ttps://rebirthonlinelightnovel.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/row.png

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