7 comments on “Loiterous Chapter 64

  1. Aiyoyo.. how many chapter more regarding this update? Can’t you just skip it to story and explain a bit while continuing the story? Or make this one the lst. Are you really going to write the “Term & Condition” stuff? If its true, might as well drop it for moment. I will wait till at least at chapter 70. So probably last time visit this site. Off me go to the MBC. Bye bye. Oh by the way, thanks for the chaps. See ya!!!

    • Few words regarding ToS then the in game chapter. At least these are the plans.

      I could go the “mention” route, but it feels like pulling things out of my ass.
      Two chapter long suffering is better in my opinion.

      Well, maybe just for me.

      • I hope it will not take a whole chapter for those ToC. Question: Are you going to write those ToC like when-you-install-software-on-computer-like ToC?

        • No, just a “dangers of playing, please confirm you’ve understood what was written here” thing. Shouldn’t take more than 500 words.

          • Okay. Good. Will be waiting. I estimate with the detail style of your using now, this work of you will be reaching five hundred chapter (depending on arc) probably more.. Work hard, Author. Ganbatte~~~

            • Yeah, if these chapters are kept the way they are like 2k-3k, even with my “action focusing” mind it will probably take that much… jeez.

              We’ll see, maybe there will be some timeskips to make it less boring.

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