17 comments on “Master of Dungeon chapter 17

  1. too short. thx anyway. at least he can still think without going batshit crazy on the villagers. but I still want some ‘punishment’ on those greedy bastards..

  2. Please make the chapters longerrrrrrrrrrrr, PLEASE! And i think he should show them what he felt when his family died, myhahahahaha… i mean yeah just to show them what it means to try to steal from them ( – _ – ) it’s not like i want to see them all die… And thanks for the chapter!

  3. in my opinion a vengeful 7 yr old boy would make more sense than a 7 yr old boy who have the reasoning that he will like be the same as the dungeon master who killed his parents.

    another opinion only (to me this is a flaw)
    in the story up to now the boy was naive and has too low knowledge specifically because of his age and yet he has the reasoning of adult about killing the villagers. he is a kid he is still unwise, wisdom is gathered through experience, as a kid he has yet to know the weight of killing/massacre, and if he does commit to killing/massacre he will need someone who will support/guide him to correct him or something like that

    my point is or rather the best metaphor I can make though a very bad one is a bullied kid, a bullied kid would certainly want to payback the ones who did it to him, and most of the time when that kid had the means to do so he would do it. and when they experience this kids tend to go overboard we need someone to teach us like our parents but there is no one for him (one reason why this is a bad example is because if the kid is a very kind one this wont be the case, but the protagonist here is a naive 7 yr old kid who lost everything, his parents dead, parents eaten with one arm left iirc, there was even a time where his eyes lost signs of life, was refused by people to save his parents in a dire situation despite having the means so, experienced suffering of hunger [ this greatly affects the mind of people especially when their mind state is in the negative side] )

    especially in this case all he wanted early on was to be a farmer, his parents did not taught him about life, there is no reason to do especially because he is too young to understand and another reason is they are in a fantasy medieval world were killing is not as grave as in reality.

    those were just my opinion that i just wanna share please take no offense 😀

  4. Thnx for the chapter! Hey Snow, those villagers hurt Alpha! I call the rights for reparations! Eye for an Eye, Blood for Blood! REVENGE!!! lol 😉
    0 0

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