68 comments on “Good and bad news..

  1. This is why life is the worst game ever. Other than graphics, it sucks. No xp bars, no party system. Nothing! I feel like I was born in the wrong time period…

    Anyway, the job search is tough. I work under the table, cleaning roofs in the winter, doing spring cleaning for people, yard work in summer, and raking in autumn. Whatever helps you get by.

    I hope and pray,
    That some day,
    You may find work,
    Even if you are a clerk.


      • That is how it is. I just found a job last month after 8 months without one. They would tell me “we really like and think you would be great for our company, but you will need to get more experience first.” I almost wanted to yell at them how the hell am I supposed to get experience when no one will hire me in the first place.

      • Vicious cycle. You need experience to have a job but you need a job to have an experience. Solved by freelancing and lying on the resume.

        • You don’t lie on a resume or in the interview….. you bend the truth. I.e.

          “How long have you been doing asbestos work” interviewer

          “For about a year and a half ago” me

          “Great! We will contact you about details on Monday” interviewer

          Truth: I did 5 surveys over 6 months (which is needed to get a certificate) and got a certificate but have not used it in a year or done any surveys

          That is how you are supposed to do it, not lie.

  2. That bad. Looking for work now these day it hard to find. As I see it you need to look for a new job now or go to the union and work it out with your last one. Well at the end good luck.

  3. Bad luck one after another
    Be strong, bro
    Good luck with your surgery and job hunting
    Next year I will have to face that harsh reality

  4. Well good luck with the job hunt. It’s dangerous to go alone, so take this strange haiku with you!

    If I had good luck
    job, not lost, foot, not struck
    But hope, I still have
    -by a guy who calls himsel unreliable

    • Also, congratulations with the 3,000,000 views! And finally, the part none of us would like to say, if you have to halt your works here on this website, feel free to do so. But remember, we’ll always be waiting for your return (that is if you really have to halt it).

  5. List volunteer work as experience. Hit all job fields. Never know where you might end up. Several college grads have to find work in burger joints. Picking up a trade skill is best.

  6. By the way, if you are out of job for few months don’t say it. If you are jobless for long then they will assume there is something wrong with you. Say you are freelancing and you signed a non disclosure about your clients. If you could freelancer for real then good. Another excuse is family business or emergencies.

  7. whaaaaaaaaat ??? how ? why ??
    just when i awaiting good news…
    have tried pleading to your boss ? this is hard news for me.

  8. I’ve an idea that may help you, even a little bit. Set up a Patreon account.

    A Patreon is a website that people can use to help out content creators like you, people can choose to pay out each month or just once to you meaning this can become a stable source of income.

    On YouTube this is a YouTuber’s main source of income so I don’t see why it can’t be yours either.

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