22 comments on “Master of Dungeon chapter 19

  1. Sorry about your aunt, hope she gets better.
    But man, you have so many misfortunes happen to you.
    I pry everything will be better for you and your relatives!

  2. ur aunt has stabilized hasn’t she ? if she is it’s just a matter of time. if she’s not i pray that she will through this. there’s a story about people waking up from their vegetative state by having their relative conversing with them everyday.

    and your surgery going on sunday ? wish you luck then. i hope you and your aunt recover fast.

  3. Hope your aunt recover. Good luck for your surgery on Monday. Take plenty of rest. No need to over work yourself in translating novel. Once your health and real life problems are solve and if you still want to continue translating, then I will come and read your work.

    Thanks of the chapter.

  4. thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter as well as for all the time and effort put into this story please continue as life allows

  5. snowfallsdown GJ i hope you can do more and i hope you can make them bigger(the chapters are too short), and that your aunt get’s better!

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