16 comments on “IGE chapter 11

  1. Jiang xiaohan is a wench. This is what makes the story fulfulling, having idiots around. Thanks for the chapter! My oxygen almost ran out good thing this got posted.

  2. The room walls are white with an imprint of rune that can strengthen strength and defense.
    Can strengthen strength and defense? I thought rune already strengthen the defense? “Can” means “‘capable’ of strengthen” and btw should add ‘the’ in the sentence as well.

  3. thanks a lot!
    all these enemies, but it all started with they themselves! how ridiculous!
    anyway, yay, qingyu’s finally in the school! qingyu, quickly, graduate and go for your adventures—!

  4. The translation kinds sucks. I feel so bad saying this cuz I feel hypocritical. The more I read the more uncomfortable it gets… I hate myself now

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