15 comments on “Zombie master chapter 23

  1. So the choice falls into a 3LDK room. (Tl note: I don’t understand the measurement).

    Best Answer: 3LDK means 3 individual rooms along with a room for Living, Dining and Kitchen.
    A LDK room is one room which has enough space to accommodate table and chairs for dinning, sofa and TV set as usually seen in a living room, and kitchen space.
    This means you have 4 individual rooms, excluding bathroom and Japanese bath.
    I’m Japanese.

    I am not Japanese. I got those info from internet.

    • Basically a size of a room is equal to standard 3LDK apt or house. That’s why it said, “A big room”. Lol.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    I kind of hope he gathers the girls from his apartment and the school, or that they all somehow follow him to the new apartment.

    Then he can just devote a whole floor of apartments to a sweet zombie harem.

  3. if i was mc, i will gather all zombie near this apartment..
    so no one [human/jsdf] will come….

    well just to make government make that area forbidden!

    cz he dont want to save other cz the risk of his secret leaked, i think s its not bad idea to decrease number of zombie in another area.. so survivor can live daily life like usual…

    so its just his area was forbidden area…

    well its just my brain has this thought!

    well thx for chapter!!

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