6 comments on “Earth’s Core B3 C19 Out!

  1. “Besides”, Kartius continued.
    Is this your other messed up style, right?

    “…some see it, and sum up the differences between beasts and humans,
    …some see it –> …Some see it
    It is supposed to be in uppercase after ellipsis in beginning of the sentence, anyway it’s English grammar rule.

    “There are several variables, but why now and empty handed was because of and for your soul.
    empty handed –> empty-handed
    It’s other grammar rule, for example; big-eared, blue-eyed, black-clothed, white-haired, etc.

    ”your only choice would have been entering to the second Savage Cave, in other words, a death sentence”.
    your –> Your

    you would have avoided the same calamity as your companion, Carl”.
    Not clear enough…you might want to expand the sentence little more to make it more understandable.

    he could not confirm it since nor ne or his big brother ever ventured to the second Savage Cave
    ne –> he

    “Pause, Zax, and think about it yourself. Otherwise I will rob my Martial son his own ability to produce insights”.
    Pause? Why did he says that? Use different word might be better?

    • As usual, thanks for the notes!
      Some stuff I really had no idea about, others I was too tired to notice when I went over the chapter…

      Comma outside the quotation marks? Naturally. Also, how about being the first convert to the new way?

      • Nope, lol, I prefer the style the most authors uses often that’s what I am used to. I read books and blogs (TL’ed the novels and the original story, just like yours). And sometimes do proofreading for authors and sometimes proofreading some on blogs like yours.

      • Some stuff you have no idea about, you said… You really should think about that and figure it out the answers to the questions, I think it will help you in long run as you continue writing the story as you go deeper and farther into story you created.

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