23 comments on “Neta Chara chapter 10

  1. Ellipsis requires three dots, not two dots.
    Here’s an example “Well..” there is quite few others.
    .. –> …

  2. “Impossible, to know that much position at 15 years old.”
    many positions

    “He know ten or fifteen position.”

  3. “Although I’m actually thirty five but 15 is my current self.”
    Am I the only one irritated by this?? Please keep numbers consistent, make it
    “Although I’m actually 35, but 15 is my current self.”

  4. lol I can’t help but imagine her to turn into a yandere lol

    Thanks for the chapter
    at least mc OP skills won’t cause to much problem since his slave is strong enough to protect him from other girls..

    still d*mn skill I never expect such epic and legendary skill to be this OPness lol
    the handsome skill is scary
    good thing in reality this skill it not that OP or else I can’t help but stay inside the house forever in fear of being kidnap by some random girls lol

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