21 comments on “September stats

  1. S**t, that is a long fantasy. I like it, would turn into an interesting story if developed.
    Great to see the views more than that 0-1.

  2. Honestly the things i’ve been looking forward to lately from you are TDADP and MoD, which MoD is getting much better, hope to see more later. TDADP has so many twists and turns that i’ve gotta wonder is the next person he meets a friend or relative of him/mom? Good to see that you’re alive and kicking as of late and not too depressed about your current situation. When you get depressed you lose so please don’t. We’re all hoping you find what you need in the future and watching this site grow~

  3. I’m From Indonesia, I like this web… I like main story is MASTER of DUNGEON & TDADP, good job for translate…. because i like read LIGHTNOVEL^^

  4. you forgot to build a harem in your fantasies^^
    and congratz for reaching your september goals^^
    dan terima kasih untuk semua novel2nya^^
    i love rebirth online^^

  5. I have one suggestion: please use categories. Otherwise it is quite difficult to understand what exctly was posted. And I’m like “what’s this? chapter x? of what?”

    And thank you for all the work you are doing! I really appreciate it

  6. Congratz for reach the goal and to the contest winner!
    Why not mention the 2nd 3rd places? There were some good ideas.
    Grettings from Chile.

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