4 comments on “Earth’s Core Book 4 Chapter 4 Is Out!

  1. CREEK! –> CREAK!

    If strong experts would show up, with his new insight he already had an idea of a temporary rough method to utilize the Kinetic Force as if he performed the bodily maneuvers.
    I have issue with ‘as if’ and you don’t need ‘as’ because ‘as if’ change the meaning and doesn’t fit in the context.

    WUSH? You might want ‘WHOOSH’.

    But when all the bodies forming the hydra losing their connection and the passage of the mist energy that sustained the formation is disturb…
    disturb –> disturbed

    The vice principal was hit by Zax’s killing intent as if he was a coreless child and ice water purred on him.
    purred –> poured

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