7 comments on “Earth’s Core B4 C9 One More For This Week!

  1. “It came to my attention that a long time teacher of my school has been takings bribes from students and their families to alter students’ records in his class
    long time –> longtime

    • wush
      A friend who hangs around your place far too often and for far too long, using all your stuff even if you’re not there. Someone to whom you’d often say “Why U Still Here”
      Junk: Nicky J was in my room this morning when I left for class. Four hours later he’s still there playing NBA 2k11.

      Jowl: Yeah dude, he’s a wush.

      [hwoosh, hwoo sh, woosh, woo sh]
      Spell Syllables
      Examples Word Origin
      a loud, rushing noise, as of air or water:
      a great whoosh as the door opened.
      verb (used without object)
      to move swiftly with a gushing or hissing noise:
      gusts of wind whooshing through the trees.
      verb (used with object)
      to move (an object, a person, etc.) with a whooshing motion or sound:
      The storm whooshed the waves over the road.

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