9 comments on “Earth’s Core B 4 C 10!

  1. Before Fang Lor finished talking, Zax’s body shone in a dark golden light as her aura burst and she bolted toward him in an amazing speed.
    Zax –> Zetsa?

  2. “Blaah!” A mouthful of blood came rushing from Fang Lor’s throat. ‘In one move!’ Was his last thought.
    Blaah –> bleech

        • While I do agree that Bleach* is more appropriate for puking sound, when I actually hear someone puke it does sounds to me like Blaah or Blagh. Blagh it is!

          • I am deaf and I can’t hear a thing what it is sound like so I had to look up on the internet for better words and, also, I remember reading the comic with the sound effects so that is pretty accurate.

            • I also think that it’s a better word and I might possibly seen it too in some comics, rather than “Blaah”, so hope that next I’ll remember it.
              Also, thanks for going through the trouble of checking it out!

  3. Dropping her back a little, Zetsa pulled her weight to her feet and kicked the ground. The hunt for the second prey commenced!
    kicked off the ground

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