33 comments on “TDADP chapter 77.. finally!

  1. ahahahaha so he finally accepted he loved by them eh, since when he still in earth he always get beaten like that plus in that world the first time only the granny(sttela) who kind to him

  2. man apreciate it but i think you should focus on real life first. though if this some form of break it was fine but please keep in mind to think what you are gonna do from now on once you calm and collected. there’s a lot of ways to make money if you want to look it up.

    • its tough you know when you are depressed even if everyone recognize it you don’t even if they say it, you think is a lie, its very hard to self recognize it

  3. you know what makes a table extra fancy a spoiler button you put one in the active and passive spells and the ones like you that have a “terms and conditions”-like table get more readable and a portrait photo
    dat phrase of the end “After all, am I being loved?” i end forgetting yo is really a kid without incarnations and almost killed in the other world
    thanks for the chapter!

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