23 comments on “Werewolf prologue

  1. Ever consided the fact that you keep adding proyects to your TL schedule is just hindering your progress in other stories…ergo not many people see this as a dedicated TLing site leading for not many donations…and after the long TL hiatus on TDADP even i feel like that…

  2. WOLF!! I like wolf and dragon (Slime has those two!).
    This series seems good, it make me want to read it more!
    Good Luck, Snow! And, Thanks for the chapter!

  3. This is just a general comment for the site but could you guys update the table of contents? It was really hard to find neta chara and IGE chapters past chapter 8 on my phone also this one looks really interesting

  4. If you are going to MTL this you could at least put in 1% worth of effort to grammar check it, it is like you copy pasted it into google translate, then copied that and pasted it here then released it.

    Two hinder people, ????

    Yeah I am not reading this, in between the extremely shitty MTL that looks like it took two mins to do and the count who is basically a retard (How can someone be a count and be so fucking stupid and childish?) this is garbage. (And so is your ‘translation’)

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