21 comments on “Sleep learning synopsis and chapter 1

  1. Sounds like it will be a funny one question is there gender bender or scenes where the gender of the MC is mistaken (since he looks like a girl)?

      • It seems a lot of translators forget about the subject dropping, even the ones that don’t use MTL at all.
        The whole thing might be in 3rd person, MTL has a tendency to make sentences without a subject into 1st person while Japanese has a tendency to drop the subject for sentences when the subject is the same as the previous sentence. The thing to look for to tell if it’s actually 1st person or not are personal pronouns like watashi (私), boku (僕 or ボク), ore (俺 or オレ), or jibun (自分); there are other ways one might address themselves in Japanese but I don’t remember their kanji and I’m too lazy to check. If a sentence lacks any kind of subject you have to use context and apply a bit of thought to tell if the sentence is actually in 1st, if 1st doesn’t make sense or makes the text confusing then the subject defaults to the same as the previous sentence.

        • Ahh.. That may be possible.. But for me.. If a sentence that I was mtled didn’t make sense, i break it words per words.. Hahaha. Some may call me weird but that is dedication.. I know at least if watashi, boku, or ore being mentioned since I also use a program to check how the kanji be spelled or read. Since my Japanese was better on speaking than written so I could figure out something hahaha..

  2. While reading this prologue, i keep imagining harumi as rukawa.. haha
    Similar to tdadp? Where is the similarity? Can you point it out clearly?

  3. He’s right, sleep is more important than anything
    I too am almost got the same experience as him as I fall asleep when riding my motorcycle on the way home in my third day not sleeping because of my assignment and when I wake up, what I find is a truck in front of me several kilometer ahead from the place where I fell asleep
    aaahhhh~ i want to take a nap now~

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