61 comments on “TDADP chapter 84

  1. thanks for the chapter and for nina special skill i think it should either be BLINK or GROUND SHRINKER

  2. thank you so much! I tried clicking the ads but nothing happened? doesn’t seem like I can even click on it. I tried on Firefox and I don’t have ads blocker.

  3. you guys better sign in because everytime you scroll down. you will see a a box that say sign in rebirthonline. it will blocked part of the post. it is freaking annoying. by the way good for you snow. i guess thing are getting easy for you in life

  4. When did Yu become a emotionless guy?

    Did I skip a chapter somewhere when reading this?

  5. dude tahts gruesome, bone poped outta his flesh, broken ribs, intestines hanging out of his body. Being a shield bearer sucks!

  6. do you have any clue as to how many chapters are left til vol2 is done? that way I can have the pdf for vol2 shortly after you post the last chapter.

    also where did that all girl team go??? I mean the noble’s team withdrew at the beginning but what about the other team?

  7. Previous chapter button seems to work fine for now.

    You might be able to make it easier to create the buttons if you could remove the date from the address somehow; then you just need to make the buttons extract the chapter number from the address, add or subtract 1, place that in the destination address and browse to that page. Then you basically just copy and paste the buttons on all chapters.

    If you can’t remove the date it becomes a bit more complex to code since you’ll need to make it run a multi-level search for the chapter.

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  10. thanks…

    “Coro, don’t lick master’s face. Sukke! Don’t come inside my skirt!”
    –> muahahaha

    “Yu, please go out with me.”
    That last sentence was said by Joseph who was teasing Yu
    –> hahaha.. that one got me ^^

  11. I’m about to go crazy, the author is a great roockie… Every chapter he skip, delete and improve status, characters and scenes… if I weren’t a big fan of Chinese and Japanese LN/WN I already dropped this… but meh.

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