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  1. I’m not complaining so long as there are chapters I am in this for the story personally and what internet service do you use because phone wise I use Verizon and computer at home wise I use cox…

  2. selama anda di indonesia internet tetaplah lama (walau tergantung daerah juga)
    mah indonesia adalah negara korup tapi orang awam mah tak peduli dengan korupsi
    toh selama tuak di lapo tuak tidak dipermasalahkan kami puas

  3. Terserah orang mau bilang apa, ane salah satu pembaca yang beruntung & bersyukur bisa baca translations & cerita dari ROW. Big thanks & keep up the good work!

  4. Terserah orang mau bilang apa, ane salah satu pembaca yang beruntung & bersyukur bisa baca translations & cerita dari ROW. Big thanks & keep up the good work!

    Btw, ane pake telkom, yg 225k perbulan. Good experience.

  5. Kalo mau murah, pake axis. 34 rb dapet kuota 1.5 GB abis itu unlimited tapi lemot. Ato numpang wi-fi gratisan d mcd. Beli mcflurry satu, internetan dr jam 9 pagi ampe 3 sore ato lebih

  6. Use Smartfren if your area already covered 4G. fast and cheap. right now promo true unlimited without quota only 70rb. only have T&C no torrent, and must use sim bundling with the smartfren phone.

  7. huh? did yu not deprive everything there was on that treant? because it should give him a boost for his black magic and perhaps herculean strenght

    thanks for the chapter

    • I think so too, and this is just my opinion, when they Finish explore the dungeon and go home, the Author will tell us status of Yu and the others and there the author will explain how they got it and If my opinion was true then the Author will explain it in one or two or three chapters, so we readers full of curiosity just/must wait, wait and wait.. If my opinion was true, I have a gift to the Author and It was thumbs up and it not just one or two but four (all the thumbs I have). lol 😀

      but from the bottom of my heart I hope my opinion was wrong and so the story will not boring..

      btw, thanks for the chapter..

    • He may be hesitant to do so in front of so many people. Someone could catch on to his ability that he’s trying to hide. He wouldn’t have any problem killing to keep it a secret but although none of them are friends they aren’t enemies either.

      Besides he can always come back later since the monsters respawn.

  8. I do not get it.
    Why the hell are people complaining about a donation? Are you intentionally going slow or refusing to release for money? Are people blocked from commenting or even viewing until they have made a “donation”.

    If anything this is like watching someone playing on twitch or something. Most will watch/read for free while a small number will donate some money. The only reason I can think about complaining is that the money does not go to me but then again I am not a translator.

  9. Thnkx You For Chapter

    please expedite the translation, one update for chapter 5

    it’s just my selfish request, please take into consideration

    Thx You Very Much


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  12. thanks

    there wer various types of magic that they could unleash.
    –> were

    《Hurricane》 caught up with him and threw against the wall.
    –> threw him against

    Eckart in this battle ha suffered fractured left arm and several broken ribs.
    –> had suffered

  13. I would amend that motto to (its what I live by): A man without a soul is lost, a man without strength is useless, a man without guts (a heart, a brain) is dead. You can fix the first two.

  14. What the heck happened to the three other girls? Where are they lol and joseph is missing too.

  15. “…stood a 60 meters tall tree. It was the 「Elder Treant⌋” and then “Eckart’s hammer that was aimed at the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s face hit easily and mercilessly, the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ fell flat to the ground because of the momentum.” HOW THE FUCK HE DID IT?it is stated that Ekart is 2m and Treant had it’s one leg cut & knelled down but there are yet dozens of meters between them

  16. Not sure if you’ll see this since its been a long time that this post has been on but ” I know that my English wasn’t perfect” you should have used “isn’t” instead of “wasn’t” since “was” implies that you are perfect now.( U asked for criticism)

  17. all this fight absurd as f*ck srsly…like “At this moment Kuro made his move and swung the heavy axe towards the ⌈Elder Treant⌋’s left foot. With his left foot dismembered, the ⌈Elder Treant⌋ instantly lost its balance and kneeled to the ground.”
    what is this ?…how can mere AXE destroy balance of 60m Treant?…i just can’t imagine this
    for example “Lord of the Rings” once treant destroy dam and they just don’t give a f*ck about this powerfull stream but here…oh let me just smash his leg with axe and its done

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