13 comments on “see you tomorrow

  1. A____A
    |・ㅅ・ |
    |っ c|
    |  T  |
    |  h  |
    |  a  |
    |  n  |
    |  k  |
    |  s  |
    U ̄ ̄U
    We’ll wait for tomorrow (≧▽≦)

  2. met tidur dah klo gitu!!

    klo lu sakit malah nge-delay kerjaan lu juga!!

    jaga kesehatan pasti harus diutamakan bro!!

    moga lu sehat trus bro!!

    soalnya gw suka hasil translatenya!!

    well good night and have a nice dream and see u tomorrow with new chapter[if u healthy, if ur head still feeling dizzy, just take a long rest then!]

  3. That so…
    Well it was a great feast so there is no need to be sorry.
    Plus you also did a great job and can rest easy today.
    Heck even if it’s the next day we, probably, wouldn’t complain.

  4. Don’t worry about that. Take your time.
    Btw, don’t sleep yet. It’s saturday night, bro^^
    Go find a girl to blow off your “frustations” translating many chapter of neta chara and zombie master xb

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