80 comments on “TDADP chapter 94

  1. That insect which grow on his body! I’m having goosebumps reading it. *shiver*
    ah, Thanks for the Chapter!

  2. I wonder if they have skills to get information from the dead. Otherwise, why would Nungu bother telling Charon to deliver the message when he was already almost dead.

  3. Yaaassshhh !! I’m satisfied with his dead, fucking twat think he will live after what he has done.

    Ty chapternya om snow.

  4. u sure that last sentence is translated correctly? Seems really creepy to talk about meat pies after seeing some1 getting eaten alive by insects.. Suppose to be a gentleman butler character so i seems to be out of character.

  5. Just got home from comic con, aaaand thanks for the dinnerrrrrr!!!
    Yuu went berserk and the zombie(?) Apocalypse death style have satisfied my guro needs!

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