49 comments on “TDADP chapter 93

  1. ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━┓
    ┃ Thanks! Nepu!! ┃
       |  /

  2. I cant believe people are giving you crap about the translation. Have they ever tried deciphering a chapter using google translate before? Its hard. Damn hard.

    Thx for all the effort you put in.

  3. Thanks for your translation and though it’s not perfect, i think it’s good enough to deserve praises.
    Don’t worry and take your time to improve yourself at your own pace.

  4. i don’t think that those who criticize you knows how hard to just understand a simple sentence of the raw.. i tried to read it but shit happens.. oh well thanks for the chapter.. don’t listen to them they only know how to spat nonsense 🙂

  5. …..I trully can’t rely on my WordPress’s notification. There’s no new release on my list of followed site. lllOrz

    Welp, thank you for the chapter~

  6. thx for ur hardwork!

    terima kasih bro!

    well,.. klo gw bisa bahasa jepang bakalan gw bantu sayanga gx bisa… sorry ya bro!

    keep up translating bro!!

    looking forward to ur next work…

    dimata gw hasil translation nya bagus sih.. gw kurang tau mana yg jelek dri chapter 1 ampe yg ini.. soalnya enak dibaca klo ama gw!

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  9. “However they couldn’t come close since the fairies who had been healed, casted their long ranged attack spells”
    WUT?! Couldn’t they do that from the start?!

  10. “but he don’t know why he felt that he needed to heal the fairies first” Fairies are evil monsters, they brainwash people. Some are turned friendly in the process, others hostile. And then brainwashed people start killing each other.

  11. Fairies could have defended themselves just fine with their advanced Lvl 8 Spirit magic, as shown in this chapter. But no! They have to pretend weak to force Yu into killing other humans!

  12. “Hey, a guy who is apparantly impressive enough to draw the notice of our superiors just attack 30 of us head on without blinking and took out 1/3 of them in seconds without breaking a sweat, we should totally try to capture him.” Says only the idiots from this world, evidently.

  13. Authority leaf, also known as the psychic guild since they have tons of information they have no POSSIBLE way of knowing, like that there is a dryad fairies in a new unexplored dungeon, which floor theyre in, and that Yu is an alchemist, something even some of his harem doesnt know

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