46 comments on “TDADP CHAPTER 96

    • Clyde please die and forfeit your beast master skill to Yu and make him stronger. I can’t wait for Yu to become one of the DEMONS!!!

  1. Btw I can’t wait to see yu go full oni and lose himself oh man seeing him tear a hole in that guys existence is a sight I want to see

    • agreed, it’s so nice when he goes around murdering people. I love this story because he kills all the assholes i want dead.

  2. thanks for the trans ❤
    might i know how many chapters next arc?
    i might try to save chapters with all those cliffhanger

  3. Hope nothing bad happens to Yu later, what’s his current age again? 12? Dryad and her group are added to his family and I wonder how many more will join in the future there. Thanks for the chapter and fluffy wolves.

  4. sigh* religion, it is an excuse for murder more often than a reason for people to help eachother

    thanks for the chapter

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  7. And enter clyde, one more in a long line of psychopathic idiots just one wrong word away from raping and murdering everyone in sight. Its so common in this world im suprised its not a job choice.

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