41 comments on “TDADP – extra chapter from volume 3 LN

  1. So where is Collet in all of this? Thanks for the chapter. Wonder what Yu will come up with when he has all these new produce from Dryad. Yu is probably getting shivers on his way there to the guild during this. Looking for meatbun to offer to the girls.

  2. Wow I’m always late. Seems like bottom likes me that much.
    Nonetheless, Thanks for the side story Chap Snowfall.
    Also how many Chapters do you intend to translate from now on?
    Though I don’t have any problems for how things are now but… Don’t push yourself too hard

  3. Thanks for the extra chapter seriuosly I lol’ed at mofisu falling hair lol good thing he treats hes employees as his own kids lol.

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