14 comments on “Way of the power Chapter 4

  1. Harem harem harem…. . ….. … . . . . . harem i want harem
    Who is starting this harem idea thing.. is this inception?

  2. Good, the flows feels natural and gets better each chapter… I just dont want it turns to be harem…
    Why dont find him, his fated woman who will walk side by side with him?
    A little more romeo julliete setting (like his parents background story) is okay, though beast and belle love setting or shana and yuji setting feels more touching for the tragedy part…
    Just some suggestion hahahha…

    Semangkaa broo…

  3. Let me you a question if the mother is Turtle and the father is Dragon have a baby together how the Power decided on which one, Dragon or Turtle? In this case it was Turtle but why Turtle not Dragon? Oh, also why can only have one Power, not both?

  4. He can create barriers…it’s possible to attack with barries…extremely thin and long barriers…the best defence and offense(excluding some cheats). Now the real post, ty for the chapter and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  5. You said that he wont lift a finger against them (I’m assuming because of the Turtle Power he has–like how Rise of The Shield Hero was at first), but I really hope he doesn’t turn into one of those super-passive MC’s…

    I get that they can’t hurt HIM, but they can hurt his people so it would only make sense for him to do something about it rather than taking it all. I also have a feeling that he’ll have a SUPER-Power somewhere down the line where he can protect more people than just himself but still….. a pacifist MC? I dunno…. I’ll keep reading for a while but it just might not be my cup of tea.

    As far as your writing though, it’s very intriguing which is why i’m still on board. Keep up the good work.

  6. what u know, he got both dragon n turtle blood in him, aint he be the strongest..i hope he beats those rapers to death soon

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