2 comments on “Earth’s Core B4 C18, also see recent post in my site!

  1. “Zax”, Anet could not contain her voice, but manage to assimilate sensibility and control the tone in which she spoke.
    Assimilate? You might want ‘maintain’ instead.

    3rd person present: maintains
    cause or enable (a condition or state of affairs) to continue.
    “the need to maintain close links between industry and schools”
    synonyms: preserve, conserve, keep, retain, keep going, keep alive, keep up, prolong, perpetuate, sustain, carry on, continue
    “they wanted to maintain peace”
    provide with necessities for life or existence.
    “the allowance covers the basic costs of maintaining a child”
    synonyms: support, provide for, keep, sustain; More

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