89 comments on “TDADP chapter 106

  1. “Hearing Goria words, Yu’s strength left his body. Even the 【Barrier】 around him disappeared. He was standing there completely defenseless.” He totally deserves death for lowering defenses during serious battle.

    • Don’t you dare cuss Yu. The road to ascension is a solitary path; there can only be one!!!

  2. “Yu walked away” someone please rip off his legs and hands and muscles on his neck so he can’t run away and worsen his problems. The best way to solve them is for everyone to get stronger together, not to abandon them to certain death.

    • rly? Some time he was able to sneak out alone in the night to deprive some skills… now, however, as his harem is continues to increase – he always stick with some girls… if he hunt with them together – he cant deprive all monsters becose they kill most of them. He cant leave alone in a midday becose he cooking for receptionists girls from adventurer guild, or make potions and do home labor for his 3 leechers etc. They not as overpowered as he is: they dont have deprive skill and cant grow up at a pace that he can. The better dicision for him was – leave them all not now, but the moment they 3 (lena, nina, yu) reach the comer city first, after only 1-2 years of depriving hightlvl monsters he will be so powerfull that there will be no thread for him anymore. Than he can own harem, own hose, bunch of pets and whatever he want

  3. How to be smart? Leave all the people that your enemy can use to lure you out in the wild….. Nice move there yu…..

  4. This is stupid? It’s too late, even if he separates from them now they will still be targeted for their value as hostages.

  5. With Yu gone the girls will surly get targeted by the holy church and immortals just so they can find where Yu is. When they don’t get the info that they want they will kill them. By leaving Yu has put them in danger. What he should of done was train then so they can look after them selfs. Building up relationship with the city and gain connections with other powerful people. All he’s done is protect him self

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